Neighbours from hell await David Cameron and family…

Neighbours from hell await David Cameron and family…

As the PM-in-waiting plans her new cabinet, David Cameron faced a mad dash yesterday to find somewhere else to live; what with his home in North Kensington still rented out and his Oxfordshire farmhouse too far away.

In the midst of packing up their two storey Downing Street flat over No 11, a central London house was eventually found for the Cameron family last night.

Although Cameron has pledged to stay on as MP for Witney until at least the 2020 election, last night friends revealed that he will take some time out before deciding on what to do next as well as bringing forward plans for a long summer holiday.

But once their tenants have left and they return to their west London home they may be in for a shock, as Micheal Gove quite literally lives around the corner! Avoiding each other is highly unlikely, what with Gove recently renting a farmhouse in Somerset and startling the neighbours by going on regular jogs in head-to-toe Lycra!

So with the number of ‘tenants from hell’ on the rise, landlords (like Cameron) need to realise the importance of thoroughly referencing their tenants; not only to protect their property and existing tenants but to also ensure that noisy/disruptive tenants are not putting off their future tenants either.  is the only company in the UK today that will send you an email within 1 hour of a rogue tenant leaving their last landlord.

Together we can prevent problem tenants from moving from property to property, causing the same damage to landlord’s incomes, investments and pensions.

With tenants constantly moving around, as a private landlord or letting agent how do you know that the next person that walks into your office or calls you isn’t someone who has just been been moved from another council or has run up thousands of pounds in rent default and/or property damage?

Quite simply YOU DON’T.

One of the biggest problems we have as landlords is that when these new people arrive in our areas we will not be able to check them out properly because they will have limited credit ratings, etc. The usual searches will be almost useless as most will not have had much credit anyway, so the only way is to take their last landlord reference – that is, if they provide you with it.

With so much legislation weighted in favour of the tenant; Landlords ask yourself this: WHO IS LOOKING AFTER YOU? … LRS, that’s who – click here to join our 160,000+ landlord community and start avoiding tenants like these today.

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