My voids & and Property damages went down 80% when my tenants knew I had joined LRS

My voids & and Property damages went down 80% when my tenants knew I had joined LRS

About LRS

Landlord Referencing Services (LRS) is a National Network of Landlords and Letting Agents acting as a cooperative by registering their relevant tenants details with a human data controller onto an off line data controlled server. This allows other members to search by matching these details exactly with their data controller in order to check who a tenant previous Landlord(s) was.

LRS is a unique system that has been created by Landlords for Landlords. It is well known by Landlords that you can undertake references from a credit reference agency and tenants employers, but these do not tell you how a tenant may conduct themselves in payments and lifestyle. LRS is revolutionising the Letting industry as it is the structure needed to enable Landlords and Agents to find this information from each other quickly and easily.

When a member searches the database for a tenant, we put them (as a prospective Landlord) in touch with the previous Landlord that uploaded the tenant in question so they can reference directly. It is convenient for Landlords and safe for tenants as we NEVER give out their personal details.

Tenant Alerts…….. Landlord Referencing Services offer the most unique and effective way to stop habitually problematic tenants from targeting Landlords in your community and getting away with their scams.

Tenant alerts are the most powerful tool that we have as it gives us the ability to warn all other Landlords and Letting Agents of the problem tenant you have experienced. This enables YOU to protect and secure the rest of your community, and you in turn are protected by others. No Landlord and Letting Agent need to take on each other’s problem tenants again.

LRS and its alert system are 100% unique to the UK letting market. You often hear Landlords and Letting Agents say that they wish there was a National database of tenants registered by their Landlords – well there is and it is totally ICO Data Protection compliant. So we ask all Landlords and Letting Agents to use it to its full potential to ensure maximum protection.

This service is safe, legal and free, but most importantly – it works…. How hard is it to give and receive problem tenant alerts?..

• Become a member FREE (2mins)

• Tell us about your bad tenant who has just left you (2mins)

• We tell every other Landlord and Letting Agent in your community within an hour ……… Now that you’re registered, when other Landlords & Letting Agents tell us of their problem tenant having just left their property, we tell you within hour. ……………… How much does it cost?…………….. ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE

All revenue streams come from sponsors within localised areas which in turn promotes services within a local community.

Data Protection.

Landlord Referencing Services does not hold corresponding data like a credit agency does such as CCJ’s and it does not hold any false or defamatory remarks on the website or on the servers. It simply offers one Landlord a link to another Landlord that knows the particular tenant first hand. Once we have passed on these details, the responsibility of any comments lie with both Landlords as to how they conduct their reference with each other, however we do offer them guidelines to be accurate in their statements. All statements must be able to be proven by documented evidence. We want Landlords to have as much information as they can. At LRS we work on the principle that the more colours you have, the better the picture you can paint

We can confirm that we are registered as a company with data protection for the holding and controlling of data and the passing on of such data for third parties for referencing purposes. Rest assured there is no liability to breach of data protection for members of Landlord Referencing unless they specifically upload and fabricate information. The information that is provided is never for public display, it is only shared between members upon request which is controlled by your data controller.

As you can appreciate this is an expensive method but it is what makes LRS different; it is safe and controlled in the on-going battle for landlords to protect their property and their investment.

This is a new concept and a new industry and as the pioneers of this industry LRS need to set a precedent to respect the privacy and security of the information stored on landlords and even more importantly, tenants. Private and personal details should be stored securely and not given out or displayed on the World Wide Web. LRS is the safest and securest way to gain reference information on previous tenants from their previous landlords. We do not pass on any information at all or give access to tenant’s private data and therefore do not jeopardize the safety of any persons listed on our databases.

We can also confirm to you that both the Guild of Landlords and the West Country Landlord Association. Both of whom have vetted us with their own in house solicitors have approved the site to be trading within the terms of conduct set out by the ICO on data protection. You will also see that any tenant wishing to see what is on their file can make an application at anytime to do so.

Furthermore you will also see that we are registered with Experian to offer credit reference searches direct with them supported by PayPal payments and both these bodies have done their due diligence checks on compliance and have provided us with the service. I understand, as a new product to the letting market, it may be that some people are nervous of compliance, however, you will see from the list above that the company is very, very compliant and considering the nature of the business the ICO has received concerns about the site from aggrieved tenants who in turn have been told that the site is fully compliant with ICO and data protection.

We are starting a television campaign on ITV west at the end of this month and rolling it out across the country within the next year and anticipate that we will involve over 300,000 landlords nationally, so you will see we are committed both commercially and financially to making the process of landlords being able to reference a tenant together in the future to become the rule rather than the exception.

Kind Regards..

Paul Routledge.


Author: Paul Routledge

Founder of Tenant 2014, in June 2010, 1999


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