Must-Do Repairs for Tenanted Properties

Must-Do Repairs for Tenanted Properties

As a private landlord it is your responsibility to ensure that the safety of your tenants is never compromised. In previous examples, some landlords have preferred not to complete basic repairs for new tenants in let properties. Not only is this incredibly irresponsible but poses an incredible health and safety hazard.

As a landlord there are a number of repairs that you should look to have completed before any new tenants move in. These are typically the following:

  • Central Heating Repairs
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Structural Repairs
  • Flooring

Central Heating Repairs

A boiler breakdown is never convenient, whether you be a private landlord or a tenant. Of course, it always seems to be worse for the landlord as they will be the one that has to cough up the installation fees for a new system.

However, bear a little thought for the existing tenants. They are the ones that have to go with no heating or hot water until the new system is installed. Traditionally new boiler installations take anywhere from a few days to a full week to complete – of course, this depends on the installer and how experienced they are.

If you are a private landlord and find yourself in need of a new boiler for a property you own, only consider gas safe registered installers. Only gas safe engineers are able to work on gas appliances and new installations.

Plumbing Repairs

It’s worth assessing your current plumbing set-up before you sell a private rental or look for new tenants. If you have a compromised plumbing and heating system it will make it significantly more difficult to let or sell.

If you are selling – make sure that you keep a log of the plumbing repairs that have been completed to date. This is a great way to build up some trust with potential buyers. It shows that you are being honest and upfront with them so they won’t find any hidden surprises once the purchase is complete.

Structural Repairs

I know for a fact that if I was looking at a property that I was going to purchase or rent, if there was any signs of structural or roofing damage, I’d avoid it at all costs. Of course, not every structural repair is expensive but they can provide a real threat to health and safety.

If you notice faults with roofing infrastructure or regular leaks, make sure that they are actioned and a repair is completed.

Just because tenants are not purchasing your property doesn’t mean that they are willing to compromise on the quality of the home.


Now this doesn’t have to be perfect and it’s not something that you 100% have to have completed. However, if you have had the same carpet in the property for more than 5-years and a previous tenant had a pet – the carpets could begin to smell and put off potential renters or home buyers.

For rental properties, it’s best to have neutral colour carpets fitted as each tenant has different tastes. Light colours are probably not best just in case of spillages or damages that will require additional costs to have it restored.

Author Bio: This article was written by Ed Davis, Co-Owner and contributor for Davis and Mac, a traditional Man and Van in London.

Author: davisandmac

Ed Davis, Co-Owner and contributor for Davis and Mac, a traditional Man and Van in London -

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