Murderous tenant who killed ‘father-figure’ landlord to get life in prison

Murderous tenant who killed ‘father-figure’ landlord to get life in prison

A tenant who killed his landlord with a frying pan this time last year has been warned that he will be jailed for life next month.

31-year-old Bulgarian Nikola Zhulev (pictured) was found guilty of killing his landlord Alan Gardner (49), after he was found dead at his bungalow in Balbeggie on April 24th last year.

Zhulev, who had a £100-a-day heroin habit, described to the Livingston High Court that Mr Gardner had been “like a father” to him; the man who had given him a home when he was on the streets.

Working as a kitchen porter when he got to know Alan, Zhulev failed to pay his rent and promised he would get the money to his landlord within a few days. He then did a series of internet searches on his phone, including “how dangerous is a hit to the head?” After the murderous act, he even tried to pawn jewellery and a car that belonged to the Perthshire landlord.

A wound on Mr Garnders’ head bore the pattern from the base of a frying pan found in the kitchen, and Zhulev was bought into custody after confessing all to a friend. At the end of the 17-day trial it took the jury just 90 minutes to find Zhulev guilty, where Judge Lady Rae told him: “This was on any view a cold, calculated killing of a vulnerable man, a man who gave you accommodation because you had nowhere to go.”

This story is sure to send a shiver down any landlords spine and highlights the real threat that some tenants can pose.

Bringing home the importance of getting to know your tenants before you take them on; e.g. obligatory Tenant History Checks and Comprehensive Credit Checks. was born after founder Paul Routledge was stabbed in the head and left for dead by one of his tenants, as he never wanted this to happen to another landlord again. It’s a well know fact that overall drug use is most common in private rented accommodation – specifically in flats and/or maisonettes, which is why at Tenant Referencing UK we are firm believers that as long as landlords and letting agents continue to Network Reference together, and continue to expand the community network, that they will become the gate keepers to all of our communities. This in turn sends a clear message to tenants who think that they can simply do as they wish (dealing and taking drugs/withholding rent/destroying property and upsetting the lives of innocent people) will not be tolerated any more.

Landlords / Letting Agents: Ever had an incident with a volatile tenant?

Tenants: Ever had an incident with a volatile neighbour?

  • What is your stance on drug use?

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