Merseyside declared as “UK’s worst” Anti social behaviour hotspot

Merseyside declared as “UK’s worst” Anti social behaviour hotspot

ANTI-SOCIALSeasonal misconduct contributed to areas of St Helens (Merseyside) having the biggest rise in anti-social behaviour incidents, according to recent Government crime figures.

The postcode area of WA9 had a rise of almost 80% (the most severe of any postcode area in the UK) with 127 more ASB reports recorded than the previous year; 160 reports were recorded between Sept-Oct 2012 in St Helens.

Therefore the figures reveal that anti-social behaviour accounted for almost half of the 607 recorded crimes in WA9 in October.

The second highest increase for ASB was recorded in L4 (Liverpool), with a rise of 124 incidents, and the third highest increase was NG1 (Nottingham) with a rise of 87 incidents.

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There is, however, a way that anti-social behaviour can be counteracted – simply by joining

Landlords and Letting Agents can upload anti-social/nuisance tenants onto the LRS database legally, which will be held on file for 6 years, and can warn every landlord and letting agent in the country about their previous behaviour. This also aids communities who do not want anti-social neighbours moving in next door to them.

The best part about the system is that the identities of both landlords and tenants are protected – as a tenants sensitive details are never passed on (just the details of their previous landlord) and if a tenant requests their personal LRS file the identity of the landlord will also be protected.

Not only can Social Referencing reduce rent arrears, property damages, protect victims of anti-social behaviour, reduce ASB, reduce homelessness but it can and does send a clear message to tenants that there are just not enough properties and if they refuse to pay then their next landlord/agent will simply refuse to house them.

Prevent yourself and your good tenants having to suffer from anti-social behaviour by stopping the cycle now – simply by following our 5 point referencing plan.

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