Mercy for ‘Cannabis farm in the barn’ landlord!

Mercy for ‘Cannabis farm in the barn’ landlord!

A ‘naive’ dairy farming landlord from Stoke-on-Trent has been spared jail, after being duped by his two drug dealing tenants.

Between April and August 2011 David Houghton & Ian Adderly fitted Andrew Titterton’s barn with a hydroponic watering system, lights and fans which were fed off electricity stolen from the mains.

When police raided the property, they discovered 214 adult plants capable of yielding nearly 10kg of Cannabis; worth up to £96,000.

Daniel Travers, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that whilst police had been carrying out surveillance on Adderly (who was suspected of being part of a conspiracy to import heroin and cocaine from Europe via HGV’s) they witnessed him working at Titterton’s farm; wearing heavy gloves and carrying pipes & tubing. And by July they could smell the Cannabis from their hiding places, which were more than 50m away!

The court heard that when Titterton, dad of 6 and struggling dairy farmer, learned what was going on in his property he kept quiet and continued to collect the monthly £440 rent.

His barrister described him as a ‘naive’ man, who worked 18-hour days to support his family, rarely left his village and had been ‘taken advantage of by more sophisticated criminals’.

Titterton, 39, admitted allowing the operation in Lea Croft Hall Farm, Saverley Green, Stoke and was given a 10-month suspended jail sentence and a 6 month curfew.

Adderly, 46, of Sennen Road Kirkby was jailed for a total of 12 years in February, which included 2½ years for the Cannabis farm; after admitting running the drug factory.

Co-accused Houghton, 42, (who had previously been jailed for possession of ammunition, supplying Cannabis, and conspiracy to supply Cocaine) was jailed for 4 years this week; after admitting conspiracy to produce drugs.

Houghton, of Ledburn, Skelmersdale, shook hands with his landlord whose barn he had used before being taken down to the cells.

At Landlord Referencing we fully understand that this has been the bane of many a landlords life for over a decade now. Coupled with the current housing crisis, tenant migration and new & impending housing/tenant legislation we too can only see this problem getting increasingly worse over the next few years.

That is, if you don’t join Landlord Referencing…

A Credit/ID report by our national sponsors Rentshield direct is a must and can certainly help you to judge your potential tenant on their credit history ; but what it can’t tell you is whether they are planning to use your property as a cannabis farm.

This is where our unique Lifestyle Reference comes in.

Not only is it free but it can also alert you to a cannabis cultivator leaving their last property within 1 hour of their departure!

Find out how it works HERE & protect yourself, your property and your existing tenants from these criminals, absolutely free.

What would you do in Andrew Titterton’s position?

Have you been a victim of a ‘cannabis cultivator’ destroying your property?

Have you been convicted as a ‘cannabis cultivator’ ?

We would love to hear from you!

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  2. I Know exactly what I would do because it has happened to me. Straight to the police then there is no question of the landlord being involved.