March 2014 Tenant Alert Statistics

March 2014 Tenant Alert Statistics

UPDATE > The Alert Directory is now decommissioned as the data is a duplicate of the date contained within our Tenant History Reports > Click here for full details. (link)

Landlord Referencing Services has collated its Tenant Alert data for March 2014, which reveals the most prolific areas for rent arrears and property damages last month (uploaded via our vigilant community of landlords and letting agents) were recorded in the West Midlands, East Midlands, South East and Nationally.

  • Total “live” rent defaults recorded in March 2014 = £30,000+
  • Total “live” property damages recorded in March 2014 = £10,000+
  • Equalling = £40,000+

Coupled with the thousands of rent defaults and/or property damages uploaded in March for either

  • tenants still in residency
  • a landlords previous tenants (covering the last 5 years)

our total debt amount avoided by each landlord that regularly referenced their tenants through LRS in March equals a massive £70,000+.

Also, a massive thank you to the increasing amount of landlords and letting agents who have been uploading their good tenants details in March, with a total of 12,346 good tenants uploaded last month alone!

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This is why Lifestyle Tenant Referencing is acting as an excellent deterrent to tenants; as once they find out that our unique system is in place (more often than not) they have reconsidered their actions and decided against leaving on bad terms in the first place. And with the amount of private rented sector households set to rocket to around 23% by 2020, as well as the ever growing problems with rent arrears, we all need to be proactive in sending a message to tenants who are intent on refusing to meet their commitments; if you don’t pay the rent then you won’t get a home with another landlord. 

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So the whole team would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all those March 2014; preventing the rest of the Landlord Referencing Community from being deceived by unscrupulous and habitually bad tenants, as well as protecting their best tenants from anti-social & disruptive neighbours.

We also urge the entire LRS community to continue to upload their good AND bad tenants, because in doing so this will help ensure every landlord and letting agent (who are registered with Landlord Referencing Services) will not fall victim to the same issues.

Remember: “If we don’t let them into our properties, they cannot set roots into our communities; and without roots they cannot flourish”.

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