Mandatory Landlord Licensing – Lets Unite

Mandatory Landlord Licensing – Lets Unite

uniteWith more and more local authorities proposing and actioning Selective Licensing schemes for PRS landlords, LRS believe that it is time for landlords to take matters into their own hands and get their voice heard.

Sections 79, 80 and 81 of the Housing Act 2004 provide for the introduction of a scheme of Selective Licensing of private landlords in a local housing authority’s area. The powers in the Act came into force in April 2006. states that:

‘Selective Licensing is intended to address the impact of poor quality private landlords and anti-social tenants.’

At LRS we believe that if Additional/Selective Licensing is really about committing to getting better housing stock and ridding our communities of anti-social behaviour then councils would wholeheartedly work alongside us and promote our unique services to their landlords.

LRS CEO Paul Routledge recently challenged a Portsmouth housing officer about why they had not joined our 4 year long campaign to prevent anti-social behaviour – this was their response ;

‘We have decided that as a local authority who are obliged to house people no matter what their past means that we cannot work with any association that may make that impossible for them to get a home in the future.’ – See more at:


And in the absence of any reply from any other council we have come to the conclusion that it is now time for our landlord community to write to their local authority and ask for the list of landlords within that area that are participating with the licensing scheme, under the Freedom of Information Act, as this is public knowledge. Then you can simply send Landlord Referencing that list and we will get in contact with those landlords to let them know about the services that they are missing out on.

Landlords need to show their councils that they are united against anti-social behaviour, improving their properties and that the line has been firmly drawn in the sand by using LRS ; “Behave or be homeless”.

Find out who your local Councillors are here :

Once we have these lists and they join the network we can then unite as one voice and rebel against the licensing fees together.

If these councils refuse then they are simply endorsing and confirming the fact that they do not want to stop bad tenants, do not want to prevent anti-social behaviour, do not want to help good landlords and do not want landlords to unite.

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