Man shot dead at sex pool party in £1m rented home

Man shot dead at sex pool party in £1m rented home

Police have launched a murder probe following a Surrey sex party held in a £1m rented home over the weekend, where one of the party-goers was shot dead.

Arranged by Jamaican rapper Jason White and his wealthy girlfriend, officers and paramedics were called to a £1million bungalow in Church Lane, Headley at 2.30am after neighbours heard gunshots fired and the body of a man in his thirties was found.

29-year-old Ms Farquharson – who refers to herself as a ‘bad b****’ and ‘the female boss’ – has rented the home for £5,000 a month since 2014, after receiving a £3.1million payout from Whittington Hospital, North London.

Neighbours warned police of trouble just hours before the violence, after hundreds of rowdy scantily-clad partygoers descended on the sleepy village for what some locals described as a ‘massive sex party’.

One witness said the atmosphere changed after the arrival of several people suspected of being ‘Yardies’ – a term for Jamaican-born gangsters, referring to the impoverished back yards of Kingston, Jamaica.

Rapper Mr White, known by his stage name Spookie, was performing when he heard the gunfire.

He said: ‘People just started running around shouting, ‘call the police, call the police’.’

Mr White said he had hired a private security firm and told guests ‘security tight, good behaviour is a must’, but weapons were still smuggled in, adding: ‘I don’t know the person who did it.’

Miss Farquharson said: ‘It’s my house, but I wasn’t there when the man was shot.’

She added: ‘Before the shooting everything was nice and then it was chaos. We have never had problems before and we have done the party on a yearly basis.

‘At about two o’clock the crowd was getting unruly, I am not sure if it was the alcohol but by the time I got to the security I heard a gunshot, I saw people running, people were trying to get into the house.

‘People weren’t allowed in the house as it was a pool party but they were banging on the door.

‘I opened the door to let Spookie in, people were shouting to call the police, saying someone was shot, so I called the police and locked us in.

‘We don’t know who was shot, we don’t know why it happened, we have no clue, we don’t know who it is.’

The party was held at the six-bedroom luxury rented bungalow, which boasts both indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a gym.

One neighbour was kept up all night by the loud pool party in a sleepy, rural village and described how around 450 people fled the £1million bungalow after the shooting.

One woman, walking on a public footpath by The Cock Inn, in Headley, Surrey, near the house, was disgusted to find a used contraceptive and a blood-soaked handkerchief – which forensic teams then analysed to find out it they were linked to the crime.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said: ‘This is the third year in a row they’ve thrown a massive sex party there – it’s ridiculous.

‘We’re a quiet little village, we don’t want to live with this sort of swingers thing on our doorstep.

‘They get up to all sorts of things there. There was a condom on the ground down the path and I’ve found a lot worse in previous years.’ 

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