Majority of tenants put off by neighbours from hell

Majority of tenants put off by neighbours from hell

According to the latest figures complied by Ocean Finance, the majority of tenants find disruptive neighbours the most off putting factor when looking for rental accommodation.

The report found that over half (55%) of tenants looking for housing would be put off the most by noisy neighbours; with only a third of under 35s annoyed, compared with two thirds of over 65s who were most likely to find them off putting.

Properties with a lack of central heating or double glazing show that the numbers reverse; as the report found that younger tenants tend to worry a lot more about the absence of these, whereas older people tend not to worry about these factors as much.

Other tenant annoyances include :

  • Mould (49%)
  • Property in a state of disrepair (43%)
  • Lack of central heating (30%)
  • Messy/unkempt neighbouring gardens (28%)
  • Undesirable smells e.g. smokers or animals (27%)
  • Untidy communal areas in flats or shared housing (16%)
  • Lack of double glazing (14%)
  • Incomplete decorating or building work (8%)
  • Stone cladding (7%)
  • Brown or green bathroom suites (4%)
  • Untidy or overgrown gardens (4%)
  • Poor interior design choices (2%)

Most ‘tenants from hell’ manage to gain access to a new property after leaving their last landlord simply because their rent default or property damage was not registered in time to stop them.

And with the number of ‘tenants from hell’ on the rise landlords and letting agents need to realise the importance of thoroughly referencing their tenants; not only to protect their property and existing tenants but to also ensure that noisy/disruptive tenants are not putting off their future tenants.  is the only company in the UK today that will send you an email within 1 hour of a rogue tenant leaving their last landlord.

Tenant alerts are the most powerful tool that we have, as professional landlords ourselves, they stop bad tenants moving into your property and also stop your bad tenants deceiving another member landlord or agent who is in your network community.

Not only are they free and legal, they are best way to protect your property, income and pension from habitually bad tenants.
They are also an excellent way to keep your good tenants happy and safe.

Furthermore, LRS’ latest Tenant Alert statistics prove just how powerful they truly are; with £310,000+ worth of rent defaults and damages uploaded by our vigilant community of landlords and agents in July alone!

Lifestyle Tenant Referencing is also acting as an excellent deterrent to tenants; as once they find out that our unique system is in place (more often than not) they have reconsidered their actions and decided against leaving on bad terms in the first place.

So why not join LRS today?
By doing so this will send a clear message to your existing and future tenants that you are a good landlord but if they fail to pay their rent and/or damage your property; you can and will be able to stop them from renting a home in the future, alongside 22,000+ other vigilant landlords and agents right across the UK.

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