LRS Launches Landlord Community Watch

LRS Launches Landlord Community Watch

Last night representatives from LRS attended the fourth North Somerset Police Crime Commissioner Forum, held in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall Weston-super-Mare – and would now like to introduce you to Landlord Community Watch.

There were many interesting questions raised regarding the counties policing issues and proposals and it was great to see a full room of North Somerset residents who obviously care about the safety and well being of their communities.

It also became apparent that although the Avon and Somerset Police and PCC work closely with Social landlords and Housing Associations, as well as uniting different local agencies to tackle anti-social behaviour via The Community Trigger scheme*, that they do not work closely enough with Private Rented Sector landlords ; following this question from Samii:

“Hi, I work and interact with private rented sector landlords every day (many in North Somerset, but also on a national scale) who are trying to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime within their communities, so I wanted to ask: With the increasing numbers of people now living in rented accommodation and cuts such as the bedroom tax meaning people are moving around a lot more, would you agree that residential landlords have a significant role to play in preventing anti-social behaviour? And if so; how do you propose to get more landlords involved in proactively improving their areas?”

LRS believe that good landlords with good tenants want good tenants as neighbours and the way local authorities are trying to go about “cutting anti-social behaviour” by making good landlords pay for Selective/Additional Licensing schemes is neither fair or effective ; RE: Why Proposed Selective Licensing In Southend-On-Sea was NOT adopted.



Therefore today Landlord Referencing Services is launching Landlord Community Watch.

This helps landlords who have great tenants to get involved in keeping their community and their investment safe. It is a proactive way of helping communities to control anti-social tenants, as well as preventing crime and domestic abuse.


Q. “Do I need have bad tenants to join LRS?” A. Quite simply NO.


We already have:

Landlord Community Watch is not about black listing “bad” tenants – but about providing decent accommodation to good tenants, who deserve to enjoy a comfortable existence where they live and get on with their neighbours.

LRS is a safe and secure membership organisation that offers good tenants better references, even if they have suffered bad credit in the past. LRS offers landlords and letting agents direct contact with one another in order to reference against those tenants who perhaps do not meet their contractual obligations, willfully destroy property or whose lifestyle disrupts the life of neighbours and communities.


Furthermore, it is evidenced via LRS members that if enough landlords and letting agents network together in a certain area it enables them to act as “Gatekeepers” to their communities and that community spirit will help keep problems down within all neighbourhoods.


*The Community Trigger scheme aims to enable people affected by anti-social behaviour to have their case reviewed if they don’t feel enough has been done.

[UPDATE] Meeting booked with Sue Moutstevens + team in April 2014.

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