Looking for a new reference provider who will conduct more stringent checks…

Looking for a new reference provider who will conduct more stringent checks…

Dear Samii

Hello, I hope you can help me. I’m a private landlord who has recently suffered a significant financial loss as a result of a tenancy gaining a lease that in my opinion they should never have been offered.

One of your competitors completing the referencing on our behalf and the tenant seem to have slipped through the net simply by putting on their application ‘living with family/friends’. The referencing agent only then obtained proof of residency simply by obtaining a utility bill but made no other checks.

In reality it turns out they were renting the property at the address stated and were in the process of being evicted for non payment of rent.

It shocks us that the tenant could so easily get past the referencing agent by simply stating living with family/friends, we are now looking for a new reference provider who will conduct more stringent checks and in particular can confirm exactly what checks they would make in a circumstance such as this.

Could you please let me have your thoughts?


Samii says

Thank you for your email and enquiry, you have highlighted exactly how our unique tenant histories can help in bridging the gap between what some individuals declare and the truth.
LandlordReferencing.co.uk was founded over 7 years ago to work with landlords like yourself to help protect one another and create a community to work together against exactly what you have described. Whatever the outcome of your decision we hope you join us to warn your fellow landlords from the individuals you have declared.
Of course as with anything the more people that join the more protected we become, but unfortunately some people feel as long as they are gone I will still go with the cheapest reference available and that is not what we do.
From what you have described we may have been able to advise from bank statements if we saw a figure going out that looked like a rent payment we would have aimed to bring it to your attention.
We don’t feel it is our place to tell you whether or not to take someone, we are completely transparent in our referencing and simply act as a data gathering provider on your behalf. We will compile all the information and provide a summary report highlighting any observed discrepancies but should you wish to check our findings the information is there for you to assess as well. Each landlord may have a different business model and different properties and as such you are in the best position to make the final decision.
1) Advertising on Zoopla & Prime Location – including, To Let boards, Floorplans, EPC’s Gas Safety Checks,
2) You conduct the viewings meet the applicants and decide which one to proceed with,
3) We reference the Applicant(s) for you,
4) We offer Rent Guarantee Insurance to cover in the event a tenant defaults,
5) We offer an online forum where you can read news and ask questions and fellow landlords offer helpful comments,
6) Also a let directory of service providers that may be of interest.
If you would like to discuss anything in particular on top of everything above you can call us feel free on 0800 9944 994.
We hope to hear from you soon.

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