Local authorities letting down tenants, claim landlords

Local authorities letting down tenants, claim landlords

Two landlord associations have criticised local councils for a lack of enforcement and failing to prosecute criminal landlords.

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) says tenants are being let down, while the National Landlords Association (NLA) claims it’s ‘too easy’ for landlords to get away with unlawful behaviour.

The united message comes in response to figures released by housing charity Shelter which show that one in eight tenants are suffering due to a landlord who has broken the law.

Shelter’s study, which surveyed over 3,000 renters, found that over 7% of tenants’ landlords had entered a rental property without permission.

The report also suggests that the equivalent of 64,000 tenants have had their utilities cut off without consent and the equivalent of 200,000 have been abused, threatened or harassed by their landlord.

The charity says that it is a minority of landlords causing these problems, but reports it has had over 220,000 unique visits to its website pages for advice on problems with landlords over the last year.

At Tenant Referencing UK we are in utter agreement that local authorities are letting down PRS tenants.

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As more and more landlord licensing schemes pop up around the country, the worry of rising rents vastly increases too.

Which is why the NLCE Ltd has been started up by a group of Somerset landlords, to do away with the need of Selective Licensing. Please see www.nlceuk.co.uk for full details.

Please see: Alternatives to selective licensing in the private rented sector: a guide for landlords (link)

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