Liverpool licensing plans could increase costs for good tenants

Liverpool licensing plans could increase costs for good tenants

Welfare housing costs still being payed direct to landlords in Northern Ireland.Today the Mayoral Cabinet for Liverpool will be asked to approve plans for a 12 week independent consultation to begin, over the introduction of the first citywide licensing scheme for private landlords.

In a bid to drive up the quality of private rented properties this would mean that all property owners who rent out accommodation would need to apply for a license and agree to comply with a minimum set of standards or face fines/revocation of the license.

With around 50,000 rented properties in Liverpool the scheme aims to crack down on rogue landlords, aswell as supporting the city’s pledge to work with the majority of responsible landlords, support them and create a level playing field for all.

They also want to “empower tenants” by helping them to make informed decisions on the quality of their prospective landlord.

At Landlord Referencing Services we welcome regulation of any profession that deals with others personal details and lives.

What we don’t agree with is that all private housing legislation, new and old, is highly weighted towards the Tenant.

What LRS would like to see is a complete redress of the balance between landlords and tenants; whereby proper regulations are put in place to stop rogue tenants being able to get away with stealing rents via LHA (RE: Universal Credit), illegal sub-letting and damaging private rented properties.

Landlords and Letting Agents that Lifestyle Reference their tenants can prevent taking on anti-social tenants in the first place, and so, in order to avoid anti-social and disruptive tenants, they need to realise the importance of referencing all applicant tenants – not just for the safety of their property but also for their existing tenants security, happiness and well-being.

Now partnered with credit rating market leaders Equifax, not only can we provide you with up-to-date details of rent arrears and damages direct from a tenants previous landlord and their financial history details but we can also inform you of a rogue tenant on the move in your area – as quickly as up to 1 hour from when they left their last property, via our unique Tenant Alerts!

  • Could this increase costs for good tenants?
  • Do you think there is a prominent link between poor property management & anti-social behaviour?
  • What are yours views on landlord licensing? Please let us know!

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