Licensing plans could increase costs for good tenants

Licensing plans could increase costs for good tenants

As a Lincolnshire council plans to introduce a licensing system for landlords to crack down on anti-social tenants, the NLA has voiced their concerns that it could put up costs for good tenants.

Boston Borough Council believe that the licences, which could cost upwards of £490, will help tackle disruption and low-quality housing. They also believe that there is a link between anti-social behaviour and poor property management.

Kevin Martin, the lead of housing projects at Boston Borough Council, said landlords needed to take responsibility for anti-social behaviour that happens within their property.

“Crime and anti-social behaviour figures in Boston are one and a half times higher than the average for Lincoln, so it’s serious enough to present a problem and hence the council’s initiative around licensing,” he said.

But the National Landlord Association have voiced their concern, saying that it could increase costs considerably for good tenants.

Gavin Dick, from the association, said: “There’s over 100 pieces of legislation that landlords have to comply with that the council can use to drive out criminal landlords.

“We would encourage the council to use current legislation rather than imposing more costs on good landlords which will be passed through to tenants and increase the cost of accommodation in Boston.”

Consultation about the plans will take place from November to January before a decision is made.

At Landlord Referencing Services we welcome regulation of any profession that deals with others personal details and lives.

What we don’t agree with is that all private housing legislation, new and old, is highly weighted towards the Tenant.

What LRS would like to see is a complete redress of the balance between landlords and tenants; whereby proper regulations are put in place to stop rogue tenants being able to get away with stealing rents via LHA (RE: Universal Credit), illegal sub-letting and damaging private rented properties.

Landlords and Letting Agents that Lifestyle Reference their tenants can prevent taking on anti-social tenants in the first place, and so, in order to avoid anti-social and disruptive tenants, they need to realise the importance of referencing all applicant tenants – not just for the safety of their property but also for their existing tenants security, happiness and well-being.

At LRS not only can we provide you with up-to-date details of rent arrears and damages direct from a tenants previous landlord but we can also inform you of a rogue tenant on the move in your area – as quickly as up to 1 hour from when they left their last property, via our unique Tenant Alerts!

  • Do you think there is a prominent link between poor property management & anti-social behaviour?
  • What are yours views on landlord licensing? Please let us know!

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