Lib Dems likely to call for licensing of all LA’s & LL’s.

Lib Dems likely to call for licensing of all LA’s & LL’s.

The Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference, scheduled for September 22nd – 26th, will see a motion called ‘decent homes for all’ discussed and debated – where they are likely to call for the licensing of all letting agents and private landlords.

The motion notes that failure to build enough new homes is making houses more and more unaffordable and driving rents higher, and says that too many tenants are suffering at the hands of bad landlords.

The motion calls for more protection for private tenants, including longer tenancies and access to a housing ombudsman.

The motion also says that a national licensing system should be set up for all managing agents, and that private landlords should either be licensed nationally or local authorities should have more powers to set up their own licensing schemes.

The benefits of licensing are:

  • Reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Support and training for responsible landlords
  • Halt area decline
  • Better housing standards for private tenants
  • Benefit to wider community and business
  • Long term economic benefits

At Landlord Referencing Services we welcome regulation of any profession that deals with others personal details and lives.

What we don’t agree with is that all private housing legislation, new and old, is highly weighted towards the Tenant.

We would like to see a complete redress of the balance between landlords and tenants; whereby proper regulations are put in place to stop rogue tenants being able to get away with stealing rents via LHA (RE: Universal Credit), illegal sub-letting and damaging private rented properties.

Until then; why not consider joining our completely free system? Not only can we provide you with up-to-date details of rent arrears and damages direct from a tenants previous landlord but we can also inform you of a rogue tenant on the move in your area – as quickly as up to 1 hour from when they left their last property, via our unique Tenant Alerts!

What are yours views on licensing? Please let us know!

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  1. Properly trained and licensed landlords is fine but let us also have properly trained and licensed tenants. Make sure both parties to the contract are well informed.