Let’s put the social back into social media.

Let’s put the social back into social media.

After reading this post on Property Tribes this morning; Has the Tribe fallen out of love with property or with each other…
-which was brought to our attention by one of our most pro-active community members Pimlico Flats-
I would like to challenge this statement, via these Alexa figures:
(minus figures represent increasing traffic, and the Alexa Rank is logarithmic to actual traffic):

Traffic rank for landlordreferencing.co.uk:
Traffic Rank Change
1 month 334,425 -92,871
3 month 389,128 -292,266
(Currently 12,439th busiest website in the UK)

Traffic rank for property118.com:
Traffic Rank Change
7 day 44,798 +3,991
1 month 42,696 -20,766
3 month 64,353 -34,550
(Currently 1,344 busiest website in the UK)

Traffic rank for propertytribes.ning.com:
Traffic Rank Change
7 day 92,832 +3,332
1 month 87,761 +17,204
3 month 74,105 +18,508
(Currently 2,700 busiest website in the UK)

At Landlord Referencing we believe that as a landlord or letting agent online discussion and help forums are essential to the modern day property professional and can only be a good thing for the property industry.

I would also go one step further and advocate that social media is a form of accreditation in itself.

As any tenant can now simply type into Google the name of their potential landlord or letting agent and if anything has been published online about them they’ll have the information they require at their finger tips in a matter of seconds.
Of course there will always be ones who publish false information but the key to social media is transparency and if you are aware of the right tools and websites to use; the most computer illiterate of people will be able to decipher whether something is genuine or not.

A prime example of this is Property118’s revolutionary and pro-active business directory; where buy to let landlords and property professionals leave testimonials to say thank you to their preferred trade and professional contacts.

Remember, at Landlord Referencing we have taken social media one step further by being the only company in the UK to date that provide a national network for landlords and lettings agents to prevent them from taking a bad tenant, but more importantly to protect their good tenants and prevent them from BECOMING bad tenants.

If anything happened to Property Tribes it would be a very sad day for the property industry and all of us at Landlord Referencing wish Nick and Vanessa all the best for the future & their ongoing redevelopment of Property Tribes, which I, personally, can’t wait to see!

So if you are a property professional looking for consistent, authentic, topical & relevant news and information then these are the websites that Landlord Referencing recommend 100%:

Property Tribes.

Landlord-Law Blog.
Home Saving Expert.
Mary Latham.

We also recommend all of these services that sponsor us, to keep our Lifestyle Referencing Services free for all.
And what is different about our business directory is that we use social media to give you the maximum amount of brand awareness, inevitably pushing your website up the ranks on all major search engines, all for 60p a day!

Author: SamiiB-P