Legionella Awareness Day | 30th August 2017

Legionella Awareness Day | 30th August 2017

Reported cases of Legionnaires Disease have increased by 35% this year alone. In England and Wales, 80 people have died from the disease in the last five years, not including those that were left seriously ill or with effects on long-term health.

This silent killer is EASILY preventable – Which is why today Tenant Referencing UK are supporting Legionella Awareness Day 2017.


Legionella is a bacteria that naturally occurs in water and soil. Harmless in small levels, however increased levels can cause Legionnaire’s Disease when inhaled, a serious infection of the lungs that is fatal in 1 in 10 cases.

Legionnaire’s Disease is most dangerous in older people, children and those with chronic health conditions like cancer and diabetes.

Symptoms of Legionnaire’s Disease include: muscle ache, tiredness, headaches and fever. Reports of Legionnaire’s Disease are steadily on the increase and it is vital that we take action now to avoid further illness and death.

With this in mind, the NLCE UK CPD Course in September will be covering Legionella compliance for private landlords, as well as fire safety and EPC’s. Please find full information on this event here (click).


  • Use hot and cold water instead of lukewarm water:
    Water above 60°C kills legionella bacteria and water under 20°C keeps it from growing.
  • Keep your shower clean:
    If you haven’t used your shower for a week, run it for five minutes before you use it (taking care not to inhale the water). Clean and disinfect your showerhead every three months.
  • Keep your water systems clean: Legionella bacteria grow rapidly where there are nutrients like rust, sludge and slime (also known as biofilm).
  • Be careful in the garden:
    Legionella grows in soil so wear gloves and handle soil in a well-ventilated area when gardening. Standing water in hosepipes and water butts can be breeding grounds for Legionella bacteria.


  • Follow LegionellaAwarenessDay.co.uk on Twitter to find out more about Legionella Awareness Day and how you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from Legionnaire’s Disease.
  • Join in the conversation: Use #LAD2017 on social media and tell the world wide web about your experiences of Legionella. Do you work in the industry? Have you suffered from Legionnaire’s Disease?…
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