Landlords fed up of rowdy tenants, extra regulation and falling income are selling up

Landlords fed up of rowdy tenants, extra regulation and falling income are selling up

A fed-up landlord from Swansea is thinking of calling it a day, blaming rowdy tenants, extra regulations and falling income.

Howard Phillips recently told the South Wales Evening Post he and his daughter have spent thousands of pounds dealing with a tenant who, he claimed, was responsible for smashed windows and doors, a damaged fire alarm, and holes in the wall and even blood smears.

Mr Phillips, who said he and his daughter requested a reference from prospective tenants, said landlords got a bad press when, in his view, tenants often caused the bother.

The 73-year-old from Sketty has been in the game for 30 years, and owns a house which he rents out as well as a small block of half a dozen flats in Morriston.

He also claims that the Welsh Government’s Housing (Wales) Act had made it harder for landlords to evict troublesome tenants.

In the video above Phillips claims that ‘nothing can be done about the damage done by tenants’; they just simply get away with it and move onto the next unsuspecting landlord.

However, at Tenant Referencing UK we have been preventing bad tenants moving around, damaging property and running up extortionate rent arrears for the last 7 years.

It is now a fact that those who join our network and “Lifestyle Reference” their applicants through the UK’s original and only Tenant Histories truly can reduce rent arrears and property damages; saving our members hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process, as well as their precious time and their sanity!

Databases containing tenants rent defaults are obvious advantageous to landlords – but what database can store whether your applicant tenant is a drug dealer or illegal immigrant? None, and for the simple reason that this does not comply with The Data Protection Act 1998. The Tenant Referencing UK database is the only one of its kind that can tell you these types of things without breaking data protection rules – simply because we put landlords and letting agents in touch with one another to find out what their applicant tenant is really like.

This is where Tenant Histories at Tenant Referencing UK is completely different.

It is not about big databases being used for financial gain by huge financial conglomerates but about communities of landlords and tenants using databases for the specific purpose of giving tenants better homes and protecting landlords from losing their investments. At Tenant Referencing UK we have created a community of pro-active landlords and letting agents to simply protect one another from rent arrears, property damages, anti-social behaviour, illegal subletting, criminal activity, and so on. Our data systems are manually data-controlled as we fully understand the importance of direct personal contact with our vast community of property professionals.

So if you’re looking for a total support package that will allow you to avoid bad tenants from crossing your path, please click here to join the fastest growing landlord community today.

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