Landlords asked to contribute to survey about the current eviction process

Landlords asked to contribute to survey about the current eviction process

eviction_noticeThe Residential Landlords’ Association (RLA) is asking its members and other private rented sector professionals to take part in a Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) run survey, exploring the current eviction process and how to improve the procedure for private landlords.

This survey comes well timed after housing charity Shelter attacked private landlords regarding evictions last week – something that RLA chairman Alan Ward has argued against – saying:

“Shelter are once again needlessly playing to people’s fears.

“Whilst the RLA accepts that there are landlords who should be rooted out of the sector, the fact that almost 98pc of tenants have not faced the problems should be a sober reminder to Shelter that the majority of tenants face no problems whatsoever with their landlord.

“The best response to the problems that Shelter identifies is to encourage more good landlords into the sector in order to boost the supply of homes to rent and to provide tenants with genuine choices over where they live. Shelter’s continued vilification of landlords will serve only to put the good landlords off further investment in the sector and push tenants into the hands of those operating under the radar.”

CEO Paul Routledge also took part in the first online ‘hangout’ specifically for landlords last week, where longstanding LRS Landlord member Paul Barrett sent in a question for the panelists to answer but unfortunately there was not enough time for it:

“What can be done to resolve the problems in the UK eviction system, particularly with regards to the eviction of non-rent paying tenants?”

Click Here to take part in the DCLG survey.

At LRS our community forums regularly discuss the current UK eviction system, e.g. :

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Quote from LRS Agent member RybecHomes, from the above discussion :

“It is a sad fact that eviction legislation is stopping those with even the most minor financial hiccups getting a good home in the future.”

Landlords seeking tenant evictions through courts at highest since 2009 & up 12.7% v 2012 – Click here to read on.

  • Landlords & Letting Agents – What are your views on the current UK eviction system?
  • Have you ever had to evict a tenant? How was your experience?
  • Private renting tenants – Have you ever been evicted? How was your experience?

Whatever your views are on the matter please CLICK HERE to leave a comment.

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