Landlord sues nightmare rapper tenant AGAIN!

Landlord sues nightmare rapper tenant AGAIN!

It was only last month that we saw american rapper Tyga in the news after his landlord evicted him from his $48 million rented home, and now he’s in trouble again!

The ‘Ayo’ rapper is now reportedly being sued by another landlord after abandoning the property he let from Egypt Last Kings Clothing last June. Amongst the $75,000 damages incurred, doors were painted black with Egyptian patterns all over them, ink poured down the sink into the public sewer, inks stains covering around 5,000 feet of concrete flooring and ceiling tiles painted over. The landlord is also seeking 5 months of unpaid rent on the property too.

Tyga is claiming that the issues were the landlord’s fault as the building wasn’t up to scratch, but the damage repairs obviously speak volumes! This story just goes to show that just because a tenant has money it doesn’t mean that they won’t trash your property.

And this is why a credit reference isn’t always enough.

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