Landlord Referencing Services – The home of the lifestyle reference. . .

Landlord Referencing Services – The home of the lifestyle reference. . .

We are very proud and happy to announce that Landlord Referencing Services has just celebrated it’s second successful year in business. So much has happened over these past two years:

But unfortunately, we’ve found that success is often followed by trolls; who like to rear their ugly heads at the most successful times and try their utmost to discredit that companies good name, whilst at the same time trying to ride on the back of that companies success and accomplishments. (AKA ‘Passing Off‘) Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to WARN, not only the entirety of our landlord and letting community, but the whole of the UK property industry about a company called / . The first reason being that nowhere at all on either website do they display their Data Protection Registration Number. [Correction: On publishing this article their data protection registration number can now be found here.] Secondly, this excerpt can be found at, where they state : ‘ Lifestyle referencing is sometimes also defined as providing a database and tenant alert system whereby landlords can upload details of a tenant when they have left a property ‘owing’ money. While this system is useful to upload the names of tenants whom the landlord has obtained a CCJ against, it must be said that property managers leave themselves wide open to actions for defamation. Under English Law, a debt is not proven until an Order of the Court is granted, ie a CCJ. Therefore if a tenant is refused a property on the basis of a tenant alert then that tenant may sue either or both the landlord and the alert service provider. Which seems slightly strange; seeing as their twitter accounts have been actively tweeting to their followers:     Why would a company, that believes tenant alerts are illegal, be actively implying to their customers that they can offer these services? Therefore, we wish to warn everybody that this company has brazenly copied ‘landlord referencing’, ‘lifestyle referencing’ and ‘tenant alerts’ in order to poach our website traffic. We would also like to point out that all that they offer are ‘Tenant CV’s’. Anyone that has known Landlord Referencing Services from the beginning will know that within the two years that we have been trading we have never been challenged or taken to court by anyone regarding our tenant alerts, or anything else for that matter. The closest we have come to anyone at all questioning our unique tenant alerts has been from these incessant trolls. Having been cleared and endorsed by:

their attempts to discredit Landlord Referencing Services by implying that all of these well established names are also ‘acting illegally’ is farcical! And when we requested their telephone contact details to talk with them; they just ignored us. You can clearly see on both of these websites that there is no option to contact them via telephone: Another warning sign that this company is not all that it seems. Having seen many competitors fall by the way side; at Landlord Referencing we truly believe that joining multiple referencing companies, such as these, simply dilutes the data. And what makes us such a solid foundation is our thousands of members and the data that we rely on them uploading. Coupled with being the only manually controlled lifestyle referencing company in the UK (to-date) our data is the most reliable and completely closed to fraudulent activity. If a system is automated; where are the safe guards to stop tenants OR landlords uploading fraudulent data about each other? Companies like this do our industry more damage than anything else and therefore we would like to make it perfectly clear that we are not associated with or in any way whatsoever. We also urge you to extensively research any referencing company that you may be thinking of joining in the future. The best way to do this is to:

  • Make sure they are registered with the ICO. ( Landlord Referencing Data Protection Registration No: Z266090X )
  • Telephone the company and interact with a real person. ( They can explain any queries you might have and you will also be able to gauge how genuine and knowledgeable they claim to be on the subject too. Give us a call on 01934 645 237 now! )

Or alternatively, stay with the one that you know and trust and get your friends to join us too! With data-protection breaches constantly in the news at the moment; it certainly pays to find out who and what is handling your sensitive information; e.g: Trading data scandal revealed. . . Islington Council breach tenants data protection rules. . . Wonga borrowers sign away their data protection rights. . . And we stand by the fact that we have always stayed true to our word and kept the LandlordReferencing Community as our number one priority. Join the discussion on this subject here.

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