Landlord Referencing is a definite “hit” in April 2012.

Landlord Referencing is a definite “hit” in April 2012.

Our official statistics for April, 2012 (below) reveal our second month of 1,000,000+ traffic hits to our website.
Therefore we would like to thank you ALL for regularly accessing the website, reading our blogs and posting in our discussion forum.

The overwhelming amount of “Not viewed traffic” (search engines, etc) is due to all of the new sponsors who have come on board in April; to support Landlord Referencing Services. Whereby companies that wish to specifically target landlords & letting agents sponsor our website (for a small fee) and in return we promote their profession to a specific targeted audience, via various social media platforms.
All revenue is reinvested into sustaining and growth of our website and community of members.

So if you’re looking for a specific service please consider using our directory; because the more members we have, the more data we have on tenants, which improves our free service; which protects your investment and more importantly yours & your tenants personal safety.

OR book your advertising slot with us now – with dramatically reduced prices; on a first come first served basis.
Plus, when you are a sponsor of Landlord Referencing you will be permitted to post stories relevant to your company in our community forum (including back-links, logo’s, etc) which will promote your company even more.

March welcomes Landlord Referencing first million+ website traffic hits.

January & February 2012 Statistics

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