Landlord gate-keepers send another cannabis farm to pot!

Landlord gate-keepers send another cannabis farm to pot!

Cannabis Cultivators.Last week Landlord Referencing Services reported on landlord “gate-keepers” in Weston-super-Mare who succeeded in protecting their community by networking & communicating together; leading to the subsequent seizure of over £50,000 worth of drugs from a residential property.

LRS can now reveal that around £250,000 worth of cannabis was seized from a house in one of Weston’s most exclusive roads, as part of Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s Operation Jupiter, on Monday.

The scheme works with Weston’s landlords and tenants to clean-up rented flats and houses and rid them of drug dealers.

Around 600 plants were taken out of a property in Charlton Road, and two men (one Albanian national, the other Vietnamese), aged 30, have subsequently been arrested on suspicion of production of a controlled drug.

One of the men surrendered when police broke through the front door after he had refused to let them in. The other was found hiding in the property’s attic, among a younger batch of plants.

Sergeant Colin Batchelor, from the South Ward neighborhood police team, said:

“This is another example of us taking action in direct response to suspicions reported by members of the community.

“Not only have we stopped two men making around a quarter of a million pounds out of selling drugs on Weston’s streets, we have also dismantled what was a lethal electrical set-up.

“The combination of water, humidity and electricity was a disaster waiting to happen – the people operating cannabis factories like this are bringing with them a massive fire risk.”

Contact your local officer through the police website, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 if you suspect drug-related activity is going on in your area.

And if you are a landlord who has had previous tenants who have grown cannabis in your property please join (free) today and register these tenants onto our proactive system (free); primarily to protect other landlords and tenants in the future from similar issues occurring.

It is a proven statistic that most people who actively participate in criminal activity, drug trafficking and anti-social behavior rent their homes, and that is why Landlords and Letting Agents who unite their data together are fast becoming the gate-keepers of our communities.

Author: News @ Tenant Referencing