Landlord fined for failing to provide tenant references

Landlord fined for failing to provide tenant references

A landlord has been fined over £500, after failing to supply tenant references to her council.

The Dean Bank, Ferryhill Selective Licensing designation was set up in 2013 in County Durham to ensure properties are managed appropriately and licensed in accordance with the Housing Act 2004. So this means that their landlords are required to carry out reference checks on all prospective tenants and must provide the results to Durham County Council on request.

Landlord Nichola Barker, of Glebe Houses, Ferryhill unfortunately failed to provide evidence of suitable tenant referencing checks and was therefore charged with failing to comply with a condition of her licence.

Declining to attend the hearing at Darlington Magistrates Court, Barker was found guilty and fined £220 and ordered to pay costs of £330 as well as a victim surcharge of £22.

Speaking after the case, Sarah Robson, Durham County Council’s head of economic development and housing, said: “It is crucial that satisfactory references are obtained from all prospective tenants in the area for selective licensing.

“Barker failed to adhere to the conditions of her licence in not providing them for her tenant and now has a conviction and a hefty bill to pay as a result.

“This case should act as a warning to her and other landlords in this area that we will enforce the licensing policy.”

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