Labour Party sets out its stall for renters – Vote catching without doing the homework!

Labour Party sets out its stall for renters – Vote catching without doing the homework!

1. Labour would scrap these “rip-off”  letting agents fees, saving the average tenant £624 over the next parliament.

Tenants pay an average of £350, according to Shelter, with some charged as much as £500. “If letting agencies do not absorb the costs they currently charge to tenants, landlords may be justified in increasing rients to reflect their additional costs”

Where does the saving of £624 come from? How does this fit in with rent controls?

This was discussed Letting agents in England avoid blanket ban on fees

2. Labour would introduce “default” three-year tenancies to give renters added security and achieve a better balance between tenants’ and landlords’ rights.

50% of tenants in the PRS are under 35 according to Shelter – how many people under 35 actually want to stay in the same rented property for 3 years? And how many lender will allow this?

Longer-term tenancies and predictable rents…?

3. Under a Labour government, landlords would only be able to repossess if tenants were in rent arrears or behaving anti-socially. Tenants would also have to leave if the landlord was moving into the property or selling it

This would remove a landlord rights under Section 21 HA 1985 which enables a landlord to remove a tenant without giving a reason. How does this fit in with the rights of a business to refuse its services to a customer as long as it complies with the Equality Act 2010?

This was the subject discussed in this BBC debate

Revenge Evictions – Paul talks on the BBC Politics Show

4. Labour would also introduce rent ceilings to ensure that renters are protected from big increases in their monthly bills.

How would this country cope if their was a big reduction in the provision of privately rented property – where would these people live? The answer to rent control is an increase of the provision of social housing.

We discussed this Poll finds that 3/5 landlords would leave the PRS if rent controls were introduced


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