Justice for victims of ‘neighbours from hell’ ?

Justice for victims of ‘neighbours from hell’ ?

Following on from the new proposals that will put an end to ASBOS, Housing Minister Grant Shapps has announced new proposals to prevent ‘riot tourism’ and nightmare tenants; whose persistent anti-social behaviour causes misery and fear for their local communities.

Current legislation can take over a year to bring nightmare neighbours to justice – during which they can continue to cause chaos and misery for their fellow tenants and community. But newly proposed legislation would significantly speed up the eviction process and, for the first time, tackle riot related offences – even if committed away from home.

In response to the 2011 UK riots, landlords would have a new additional power to take eviction action against tenants if they or any member of their household is convicted for riot-related anti-social behaviour – whether that behaviour takes place in their own back yard or across the UK.

Shapps believes this will make it easier to evict tenants if they or any member of their household has previous convictions for anti-social behaviour and aim to cut out repeated and expensive court proceedings; to achieve a better balance between the rights of tenants and the needs of their victims.

Shapps had this to say:

“For too long communities have been forced to suffer vicious neighbours from hell in misery, while seemingly endless court proceedings held the rights of the perpetrator above the rights of their victims.

“While eviction should always be the last resort, communities should not have to live in fear of their neighbours while they wait for justice to be done.

“The powers set out today would make it easier for landlords to take swift, decisive action against their most anti-social tenants, taking previous convictions into account and cracking down on riot tourism by ensuring that a local border won’t stand in the way of tackling the worst offenders.”

At Landlord Referencing we welcome these new proposals whole heartedly, as we also agree that people who commit anti-social behaviour need to face the consequences of their actions and shouldn’t benefit from valuable support and resources via social housing, that is in dire need by millions of deserving tenants out there.

These proposed powers are a long time coming for landlords and tenants in the UK.

But what if you could deter anti-social tenants from entering your community in the first place?

Landlords are fast becoming the first line of defence in stopping bad tenants, as the private rented sector continues to grow. Therefore landlords and tenants alike are welcoming any free form of legal defence that protects their families and communities from being destroyed by anti-social behaviour, drug related crimes,burglaries, etc.

At landlordreferencing.co.uk landlords and letting agents networking together as a community are now becoming the gate keepers to these communities; sending a clear message to reckless tenants who think that they can simply do as they wish THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ANY MORE.

Find out what we do here.

Are you a landlord with anti-social tenants? Tell us your story HERE.

Are you a tenant with anti-social neighbours? Tell us your story HERE.

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  1. Hi Mary & Steve,

    I think not prosecution is just the easy option if you look at the tenant alerts ( http://www.landlordreferencing.co.uk/tenant-alert-running-total/ ) sent out by just us this year you will see (even if only 50% is LHA) that the problem is huge. Actually I don’t think if it became a prosecutable offence the courts of this land would be able to cope.

    So like all things Government’s cant cope with they find an excuse not too. You try and not pay your taxes and spend it on fags & Booze and see what happens.

  2. I don’t know why “riot behaviour” is considered to be any worse than constantly tormenting helpless neighbours? We need Anti Social Behaviour to be a mandatory ground for eviction under Section 8 and I mean all ASB that can be varified by the Police or ASB unit of the local authority not just where the tenant has been convicted or has served a custodial term in the past.

    I also agree with Paul B where a tenant is in contempt of court because he has lied, produced false evidence, wasted the courts time, use delaying tactics etc he should be made to pay a fine, even at £1 a week if he is not working, or in extreme cases where he has committed fraud (produced false evidence) he should serve a custodial term.

    At this moment a tenant can, and does, pull every trick in the book and walks away without penalty.

    • Hi Mary,

      This country must have the only system in the World where you can get money from the Government for your rent and then unchallenged and without remedy every day spend it on drink or drugs.

      I just do not understand in my wildest dreams how anyone would think that was right.

      • VERY well said Steve. I have asked many people why this is not fraud and I am told that it is because one could not prove “intent” at the point at which the claim is made! I accept that for the first time but when a tenant repeatedly claims LHA and spends MY TAX POUNDS AND YOURS on “other” things clearly there is “intent” at the time of application evidenced by the fact that the action has been repeated?

        I am certain that someone smarter than me is going to explain why I am wrong and therefore why these people are not presecuted for fraudulantly taking public funds to assist them is wrecking their health which then means that more public funds are needed to take care of them?

        If intellegant life from another universe ever landlords on this planet I hope they are wearing Tenna!!

  3. So will the police contact the LL about any offences such as rioting.
    NO thay will not. the police are useless when it comes to druggy tenants and thefts occurring form the property.
    Data Protection will always be cited.
    So Shapps is dreaming if he thinks he can make any difference.
    What he could do is just fast track evictions in the event of non-payment of rent and any anti-social behaviour.
    The present county court system is not fit for purpose and savvy LHA tenants obtain legal aid and lie and steal whilst it takes many mmonths to eventually evict them.It should be if you miss a rent payment you can be evicted by the police the day after the rent has not been paid.
    The law needs to be weighted in favour of the LL not the tenant.
    Good tenants will have nothing to fear, wronguns could face immediate eviction if they fail to comply with the terms of their contract and that is the way it should be.
    Shapps is spouting his usual rubbish, nothing will change and LL will continue to be ripped off by lying and thieving tenants.

    Most LL if they have good tenants have no desire to evict them.
    any forebearance should only be exercised by LL in event of non-payment of rent.
    LL face contiuing enormous losses due to the useless county court system and the eviction process.
    Legal aid should not be granted to benefit claimants in possession case..
    These tenants lie in court, are not prosecuted for contempt of court or perjury and if ruled against just walk away with no costs whatsoever against them.
    The LL however will have lost months of rent and has to meet his own costs.
    Shapps doe3s not have a clue about the issues a LL faces when dealing with a wrongun tenant.

  4. Is there a danger that landlords metamorphosise into the police? I’m not convinced it’s the role of private landlords (or social landlords for that matter) to deal with criminal behaviour.

    • Hi James,

      I don’t think Landlords will ever be the police, No more than neighbourhood watch, pub watch or shop watch will ever be. I think they will just be the eyes and ears that can refuse someone a property at the outset thus keeping them out of our communities.

      Lets face it when someone very undesirable walks in to our towns what’s the first thing they will need even before they find the local dealer, a place to shack up and if a landlord can check with another landlord anywhere in the UK who can tell them exactly what they are like “bingo”.

      The fact is that if they don’t find a property they will have to move on. That does not make landlords or lifestyle referencing the police it make them the gate keeper at the start of a community watch.