Islington Council breach tenants data protection rules.

Islington Council breach tenants data protection rules.

Police are now having to patrol an estate around the clock after Islington Council sent details of residents who had complained of anti-social behaviour straight to the ASBO offenders.

Following recent problems with late night loud music, drugs and verbal abuse on the Andover estate in Holloway; Islington Council urged their residents to report the anti-social behaviour.
The diligent tenants fulfilled their councils request and the council were then able to gain exclusion orders against 10 out of 13 people who had caused the disturbances (none of them residents) – banning them from the north London estate.

However, the ASBO’s sent out to the 10 offenders included the details of the 51 tenants who had reported the complaints – including their names, phone numbers, street and estate names.

Although Islington council say that the police have already spoken to 8 of the 10 people, retrieved the documentation from them & reported the breach of data protection rules to the ICO; we deeply worry for the tenants lives and homes that have now been put at risk.

Louise Round, corporate director of resources at Islington Council, said:  ‘This information should not have been released, and we are extremely sorry that, through an error on our part, it has been disclosed.

‘The council has contacted every single person who is on that list – in total 51 people – to offer our apology and any practical support we can give. This includes additional security measures if they request it.’

Police have put extra patrols on the estate to reassure residents, she explained.

Ms Round added: ‘At the leader of the council’s instruction, we will also hold a detailed review of our admin processes to safeguard against this ever happening again. We are already taking action to tighten our procedures.’

At a time of national economic unrest (RE: Double Dip Recession Official) it’s about time councils, right across the country, enforced strict protocols and penalties for incompetent staff, and stop wasting our hard earned money on their own errors.
These are the people that are meant to be protecting the public; but instead the incompetent are protected by the government and the public are left to pick up the pieces.

An even more worrying thought is the current news that the army are planning to install missile launchers on the top of tower blocks in London Boroughs, to protect the Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled for July-August.
Landlord Referencing sincerely hope that the councils that govern these tower blocks aren’t as incompetent as Islington Council, as it would be extremely distressing if they “accidentally” sent the missile launch codes to the tenants who live in these blocks…!
There would be no “apology or practical support” suitable for that, would there?


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Are you a resident of the Andover Estate, who provided these details in good faith?

Are you a tenant in Islington?

We would love to hear from you about your thoughts on the matter.

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