Is your referencing as iffy as Halal meat?

Is your referencing as iffy as Halal meat?

Recent reports have revealed that millions of people in the UK have been eating Halal meat without knowing it – which has led LRS to reignite the debate on the ethics behind mainstream referencing companies offering cheap references, that fail to clearly display that they must be attached to an expensive insurance product.

Features in The Sun and the Daily Mail have recently alleged that restaurants and supermarkets across the UK, including Tesco, Subway, Pizza Express and KFC, have been selling Halal meat to customers “without telling them”.

This leads us onto the issue of an increasing amount of LRS members telling us about mainstream referencing companies, including HometLet, Experian & Endsleigh, offering them exceptionally cheap references without notifying them, until the last minute, that they must take out an insurance policy in order to take out the references at a discounted rate. As well as not forwarding the actual references onto the landlord client.

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At LandlordReferencing we don’t believe a landlord or letting agent should be forced into buying insurance and referencing packages together. Nobody in the UK, bar us, offers a credit reference (with no yearly subscription), coupled with a free lifestyle reference for as little as £7 inc.VAT.

Our mission at landlord referencing is to work entirely for our landlords and letting agents to keep them safer and therefore we believe that referencing companies should be entirely transparent about their costs.

Lets face it, people fall for these sales ploys all the time in exchange for receiving “discounts.” And in the same way that restaurants and shops have falsely advertised Halal meat as normal meat we want to ask you this question:

  • Do you actually know what your paying for, via your current Tenant Referencing company?

At you see what you get and you get what you pay for – The best product at the best price.

Every reference can be viewed within an LRS members file, and even with our upcoming “Serviced Referencing” product LRS data control will forward your whole file onto you (or your letting agent) so that you can see plainly in black and white what you are paying for. This keeps the Landlord in touch with who their tenant client is, and this is why at LRS we advise our landlord members to only use letting agents who are members of LRS.

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