Is the Noddle credit reference any good?

Is the Noddle credit reference any good?

Dear Samii

My tenant appears to have a problem with their credit score, which is very low. They say its probably due to having split addresses and that they’ve recently applied to change their entry on the electoral role to their current address but it hasn’t come through yet. They’ve now provided a credit report done a few months ago for a mortgage application that contains their old address on it. So my question is, can you let me know whether the Noddle credit reference is any good please?

Samii says

Our credit reports at Tenant Referencing UK are done via Equifax, which is a different financial report to Noddle (CallCredit). In order for us to be able to establish your tenants true credit score I would suggest that they do a free credit report through This is done through Equifax but when requesting information on themselves they are entitled to see all the information held for them.
In our industry, when requesting information, we are only entitled to a snapshot of an applicant tenants data. So if their Clear Score report comes back with a better score, and your tenant is happy to supply a print out of the report, this would put you in a good position should you need to make a rent guarantee claim in the future.

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