Is Landlord Referencing a tenant “black list”?

Is Landlord Referencing a tenant “black list”?

big banner for missionThis is the question that we are asked all the time and we have decided to explain the ethos of the site to clear this up once and for all.

LRS exists for one reason.

To protect communities.

The reason that Paul Routledge developed LRS is here (Interview with Paul Routledge and why he started LRS after being stabbed). During his career as a landlord Paul has housed some great tenants but he has also had to deal with some very difficult ones and he has seen how avoiding taking bad tenants makes a real difference to the communities in which he lets (The LRS Green Cross Code cleans up neighbourhoods). Paul began developing LRS to prevent landlords and agent from passing a bad tenant from one to another without realising.

The lives of people change and sometimes those changes bring about major changes in their behaviour.  These changes can be bad and can cause a previously law abiding person to go off the rails. Often these changes are good and people realise that their lives need to change course.

“Give a dog a bad name.”

Hundreds of landlords and letting agents join LRS every month and as more join it becomes more difficult for bad tenants to find decent homes – that is the success of our community. But if we only concentrate on preventing bad tenants from putting down roots in our communities what happens when those people realise the error of their ways and want to start a new life?

  • What happens when a person has gone through a bad patch and has messed up their credit history?
  • What happens to those who have spent time in prison and don’t want to go back?
  • What happens when those who have misused alcohol or drugs break the habit?

All these people struggle to find a home in a decent area with decent people and often they are forced back into communities where their previous behaviour is the norm. This can lead them back into their old lifestyles and prevent them moving on.  We need to support people who want to move on and LRS are committed to providing that support.

We need our members to upload more good references, particularly where you have given someone a chance and they have been good tenants. Most of us would value a good reference from another landlord or agent more than even a good credit reference because ability to pay and decent earnings do not always add up to good tenants.  Lifestyle is what makes a good tenant and LRS is the home of lifestyle referencing.

How LRS can help tenants to move on to a better life


LRS is also keen to help tenants to build up their own good references and if you are a tenant and you know that your credit reference or past behaviour might let you down but you have evidence of recent history of paying your rent in full and on time and not causing problems in your community please upload your evidence (here).  This might be the contact details of a past or present landlord, Local authority, Housing Association or charity; it might be a reference from a support worker or other agency. It might be proof of rent payment, deposits returned in full.  It might be an employer’s reference or a letter from someone who is prepared to sign a Guarantee that they will underwrite your obligations under a new tenancy.  All of these things will help landlords and letting agents to see that you are trying to move on and that you need our support to find a nice home in a nice community.

When you find a property that you want you can tell the landlord or letting agent that they can come to LRS and get a lifestyle reference for you.  If your credit rating is good we can also provide them with a Credit Reference.  We are here to support you and to welcome you to a community where good landlords, letting agents and tenants are working together to protect our communities.

Good landlords and letting agents need good tenants and good tenants need good landlords and letting agents.

Working together we can build happy communities.

This is the ethos of Landlord

Read More;  Our Mission Statement

Author: Paul Routledge

Founder of Tenant 2014, in June 2010, 1999


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