Info on the referencing process that I can share with my applicant tenants

Info on the referencing process that I can share with my applicant tenants

Dear Samii

Do you have any information on the referencing process that I can share with my applicant tenants please?

Samii says

Of course, and it’s great to hear that you want to be completely transparent with tenants on the referencing process. Hopefully you’ll be able to use the following to effectively communicate with future tenants:

  1. The landlord hires us as the referencing company that will carry various checks for applicant tenants. In that respect the tenant is the landlord’s customer and the landlord is our customer. We always stress to the tenant that the information we provide for landlords is simply data compilation that is then reported for the landlord to make an informed decision. We, the referencing company, do not make a decision in regards to their suitability or acceptance, the landlord decides this.
  2. The process begins with the landlord sending us a service reference request and this contains basic information about the tenant in order for us to send out the application. This includes the tenant’s full name, D.O.B., contact number, email and the address they’re applying for.
  3. We send the application to the tenant’s email address. We contact the tenant if they’re having difficulties or haven’t received the application.
  4. The tenant completes the application via our website and we receive notification upon completion via email. Once we’ve received the application we carry out a credit check using Equifax that will determine the tenants’ credit history, which gives them a credit score and previous financial history; like CCJs, etc.
  5. Using the data the tenant has provided in the application, we proceed with further referencing checks that includes an employer’s reference, landlord reference and evidence request. We advise the tenants to provide as much contact information as possible in their application for respective employers and landlords. We never give a specified time scale as of when the referencing will be completed, but small things like this can help expedite the process significantly.
  6. In regards to the evidence request we require the following:
    a) A form of identification – depending on the type of ID given, we may require two forms such as a driver’s licence and birth certificate. If, however, a passport is provided then that is enough. If required, we then reference that via the TR Immigration Document Checking system which checks the authenticity of the documents provided.

    b) 3-6 months of bank statements showing income/wages being paid into respective accounts and rent and bills being paid. In regards to self-employed tenants we require six months of statements in addition to tax returns and accountant information (which we will reference), and anything else that will show affordability.
    c) Proof of address which can take the form of utility bills, council tax letters, etc.
    d) Proof of National Insurance, which can be seen on documentation such as payslips/p45s/p60s.
  7. We then analyse all the data that is provided by the tenant and contact them if we require additional information. If we’re satisfied enough data is available to determine an outcome, we then send a report to the landlord who will then make a decision.

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Author: SamiiB-P


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