Infested with fleas and garbage [PICTURES INCLUDED] #TerrifyingTenantTales

Infested with fleas and garbage [PICTURES INCLUDED] #TerrifyingTenantTales

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I had two lots of great tenants, one awful agent who ran off with deposits and rent, one good agent (Fairfield Estates) and two very self-centered tenants. I respect my agent for always seeing both sides of the coin, but even they were surprised when these tenants turned on them.

The previous tenant and the recently departed tenant were both on benefits. They did work but they didn’t earn that much. So the recent tenants, lets call them Ms R.Sole and Mr C.Onner, kept asking for “improvements” – some of which they were willing to pay for themselves.

I was confused at how they could pay for improvements even though they didn’t pay the full rent very often! In all fairness they did eventually catch up, but not for long …


The first issue was redecorating the kitchen. Their idea was to put a big hole in the wall for their washer dryer. Having resolved this issue they started to replace all kitchen units. They were doing a really good job but considering that this all started about two years ago and it’s still not finished, is not really doing a good job at all!


They asked to replace the carpet with wood laminate to which I said no, I will replace it with a carpet.

They decided not to complain about it until a year later, where they went to social services with a sob story about a sh***y agent and landlord. It’s not like it’s my money or property!


My agent had the evidence to the contrary so they soon left that alone and conveniently… along with the rent payments! So we approached the local council after the rent had not been paid for several weeks and had the benefit portion paid directly to the agent.

Amongst many other requests they wanted me to get a fence built for them as, for some reason, the neighbours disliked them…Hmm…!

Then they wanted to change the lights in the kitchen. I thought oh okay they will pay for it and fit it.

Never let a tenant do electrical work themselves.


After I pointed out that I would like some rent from them, before replacing the fitting, the fitting randomly fell off the ceiling (so they said) along with some kitchen cabinet doors! Ridiculous!

So I had to pay for replacements as I could not prove that they did it.


When one looks at the photos I am surprised other fittings did not decide to beat themselves up… oh wait!

I wanted them out ASAP!


But with Christmas on the way I asked the agent to wait until New Year before issuing the appropriate notice.

They told the local authority and utility companies that they were moving out so they stopped paying, but instead they stayed.


We applied for the fast track eviction order; unfortunately the magistrate did not read it properly so they denied it. Having paid a solicitor to point out the error to his worship the matter was resolved. Well… so I thought.

The court notice was served but as they had nowhere to go the local authority advised them to stay, if they move out they can’t be re housed.

Anyway, back to the solicitor, court and bailiffs.
The local authority suggested that I should not fast track the eviction as they would find them a home soon enough. They couldn’t tell me when though, and the tenants said they would appeal.

So on the eviction day the agent and bailiff turn up to a vacant house – well, not quite vacant.

It was infested with flees and garbage, the cooker and fire were missing, the wall and ceiling paper torn off, graffiti and unwanted items just left. The place was an utter sh**hole!



The decor was not of my choosing either.

It was a makeover from hell! I’ve seen a toddler do a better job keeping the crayons in the lines of a colouring book!


There are two sides to every tale. But unfortunately my former tenant could only see their own selfish side.

Seriously; use the LRS service and make sure you get rental / legal cover insurance.

Anonymous Landlord.


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