Tenants Can Improve Their Credit Score.

Tenants Can Improve Their Credit Score.

Are you a tenant who

  • pays your rent punctually
  • keeps your rental property in faultless conditions
  • but are still missing out on bigger and better rented properties because of your poor credit rating?


Are you a landlord or letting agent that would

  • like to see your good rent paying tenants rewarded
  • encouraged to continue to pay their rent
  • and encouraged to keep your property in excellent condition?


With the ever increasing pressure on the Private Rented Sector at the moment we have become extremely aware of the fact that there are a vast majority of good tenants out there who have awful credit ratings but are impeccable rent payers.

We are now currently talking to a major Credit Referencing company to add your rent payments to your credit file to repair your credit history.

With more and more UK residents now renting; we believe that this would be exceptional news for

  • many renters who always need ways to boost their credit score
  • repair their credit score
  • repair their reputation
  • open up the rental market to renters on a much larger scale
  • and bring those who dream of owning their own home one day closer to their dream.

This would also be great news for landlords and letting agents as they would be able to

  • help out their good tenants
  • and also encourage them to stay good tenants!

So, landlords & letting agents ; would you like to help your good tenants out, by simply registering them and their good payment history?

And tenants; would you like your exceptional rent payment history to be recognised and added to your credit file?

Why should you be judged when your credit score does not reflect your real payment history?

And why should mortgage payers have more rights than rent payers???

Considering at the moment rent payers probably pay 100% more than most mortgages; with the current interest rate.

And tenants PLEASE pass this page on to your fellow renters and let’s get your rental payments included in your credit score SOON!

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