I used to get credits for uploading tenants … what’s happened?

I used to get credits for uploading tenants … what’s happened?

Dear Samii

Hello, I used to get credits for uploading tenants which don’t seem to happen any more?

Samii says

Good Morning,

Thank you for your email and welcome back to the site. 

We used to run a credit based system as you know, where you would receive lifestyle credits for each tenant uploaded. These credits could then be used to access a free Tenant History/Lifestyle Report and were only for this purpose. Due to the database and data being an internal cost to host and maintain we were able to offer this as an incentive to our members to upload their older tenants.

As you may be aware we offer many more services now. When we launched the new services we built a separate credit system which were financial credits, these could be used towards our new additional services and with the integration with our 3rd parties, eg. Financial Reports, Jumio checks and Insurance.
As you can appreciate while the lifestyle credits were only for accessing tenant history data, the financial credits were for accessing the paid services.
After feedback from our members people suggested that we disband from having the lifestyle credits, as they no longer understood the need for them due to the fact that we still offer a free Tenant History report with any purchased financial report. Meaning not only do you get the unique Tenant History data but you also get the financial snapshot on your applicant tenant, highlighting any potential issues.
With the fact we still give a report free in this way and the range of services now available from advertising your property right through to insuring it we are not able to give free funds towards insurance or advertising etc. We are sure you will agree our prices are extremely competitive and if there is anything we can do to help you do not hesitate to give us a call.

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