How to use NEW Alert Directory

How to use NEW Alert Directory

Members PLEASE make sure you are logged in & have activated your account to access the LRS Tenant Alert Directory.

Please click the image below to view in full.


Members PLEASE make sure you are logged in to access the NEW Tenant Alert Directory.


Landlord Referencing Services offer the most unique and effective way to stop rogue tenants from targeting Landlords in your community and getting away with their scams.

Tenant alerts are the most powerful tool that we have as they give us the ability to warn all other Landlords and Letting Agents of the problem tenant that you have experienced. This enables YOU to protect and secure the rest of your community, and you in turn are protected by others. No Landlord and Letting Agent need to take on each others problem tenants again, with our TENANT ALERT DIRECTORY – that can pinpoint the last known address (of the tenant in question) to an exact postcode via Google Maps.

LRS and its alert system is completely 100% unique to the UK letting market. You often hear Landlords and Letting Agents say that they wish there was a National database of tenants registered by their Landlords – well there is, let’s use it to its full potential to ensure maximum protection.

This service is safe, legal and “free”, but most importantly – it works.

Read this true story from one of the LRS Community : Thank God for Landlord Referencing ! (<<click)

How hard is it to give and receive rogue tenant alerts?

Tenant alerts are also acting as an excellent deterrent to tenants; as once they find out that our unique system is in place (more often than not) they have reconsidered their actions and decided against leaving on bad terms in the first place.


As a member of, you have your own personal data controller/relationship manager who manages your lifestyle tenant referencing & credit referencing, keeps you in touch with other landlords in regards to tenants movements on a daily basis & maintains your tenant upload history.

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