How to be the Perfect Tenant

How to be the Perfect Tenant

When you move into a rental property you hope to get the ‘perfect’ landlord – sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. But while the landlord has a responsibility to you as a tenant, you also have responsibilities to him or her, as your landlord.

So, here’s how you can ensure you are the perfect tenant.

Pay your rent on time

It goes without saying really that you should pay your rent on time. You agreed to both the price and the due date when you moved in. Your landlord will quickly become fed up with you if you consistently go to them with excuses each month.
To ensure you don’t forget, set up a direct debit and then budget to make sure you always have enough in there for it.

Pay all your other bills on time

Unless your bills are included in your rent, you will also have council tax, utilities (including water), TV license and telephone charges to pay. Again, set up direct debits and make sure you pay these on time. This may not affect the landlord directly in the same way the rent will, but in the long-run it could cause them huge issues.

Respect your neighbours

You have to live next to these people, so you don’t want any animosity between you. But you also don’t want them making constant complaints about you to your landlord. They may not be there to see everything that goes on, but they will quickly find out. So, don’t make continuous loud noise, if you plan to have a party let them know in advance, don’t obstruct common areas and don’t leave rubbish where you shouldn’t.

Look after the property

This means keep it clean, avoid causing damage to it, do basic maintenance such as changing light bulbs and don’t alter the property by re-decorating or hanging things on the wall, without permission.

If a house inspection is imminent or you are about to move out, why not call in the experts at Molly Maid and let them look after the property for you? They will ensure every corner is sparkling, as a result you are guaranteed to not only meet, but probably surpass, the expectation of your landlord.

Allow the landlord reasonable access

Your landlord should always ask your permission before entering your property but in turn you should allow them reasonable access. This includes contractors who may need to carry out any work in the property and the landlord themselves or the letting agency as and when they need to inspect the property.

Repair or pay for any damage caused by you

You are not expected to pay for, or repair, general wear and tear across the property. This is down to the landlord. What you should do, though, is repair and/or pay for any damage caused by you or anyone you allow into the property. Of course, if you look after the property this shouldn’t be an issue – but accidents do happen.
If something needs repairing that isn’t your fault, let your landlord know as soon as possible, so it doesn’t get any worse.

See, it really isn’t that difficult to be the ‘perfect’ tenant – it is all common courtesy really.

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