How to Avoid a Disastrous Moving Day

How to Avoid a Disastrous Moving Day

Before the Move

Before moving into a rental property, there are a few things you absolutely must do to avoid any unpleasant disputes and disappointments.

Inventory Listing

Before moving into your rental property, ask your Landlord for an inventory listing of all items included in the property. Things like the white goods or carpets, blinds and curtain poles. This will be helpful if there is any kind of dispute with your Landlord once the tenancy agreement is up.

Proof of Deposit Certificate

When you pay your landlord a deposit, the law states that the deposit must be placed in a government backed tenancy deposit scheme. You should then be provided with a certificate as proof. In the unlikely and unfortunate event of there being a dispute over the deposit, it will need to stay there until you and your Landlord resolve the issue and an agreement is reached.

Mould and Damp

Check the property for mould or damp and raise any concerns with your Landlord. It is important this is taken care of before you sign the tenancy agreement. If your Landlord agrees to take care of this, be sure that it is put in writing and added to the tenancy agreement for you both to sign.

Book a Removal Company

As soon as your move date is confirmed, book your removal company. A couple of things to keep in mind when booking a removal company:

Stay away from Bogus Removal Companies

When you are booking your removals firm, you run the risk of using a bogus company. A home move requires the help of seasoned professionals so it really isn’t advisable to just book the first firm you come across. You must be sure that they are a trusted and verified company with all the appropriate insurance in place. When you find your removal company through Compare My Move, you can rest assured that you are using a reputable and reliable company because all of Compare My Move’s Removal Companies are subject to a strict verification process.

Compare Removal Company Costs

The other benefit of using Compare My Move to compare house removal companies is the money you can save. By comparing costs and getting quotes from up to 6 removal companies, you can save up to 70% on your removals costs.

Moving Day Checks

On the day that you are moving in, you should do a quick run through of the inventory and check the house over before you unload your removals van. Make sure that everything that is listed in the inventory is still at the property and intact, taking note of anything that doesn’t match up. If you are moving into a furnished or part-furnished property, then make sure everything is as it should be… Present, functioning and fit for purpose.


If light bulbs were in the inventory, then make sure you have them and check that they are all working.

Fire Alarms

Test the fire alarms on Moving Day. These are your Landlord’s responsibility.

Blinds and Curtains/Curtain Poles

Be sure that any blinds, curtains and curtain poles that were supposed to be left are still there. If they are not then you can ask your Landlord to take care of this as this was part of the deal.

State of the Carpets

Check the state of your carpets when you move in. If they have sustained any damage or marks since you originally viewed the property, or if there is any damage that you hadn’t noticed before, be sure to take photographs and send to your Landlord keeping your own copy. This way, when it comes to moving out, the Landlord knows that this damage was already done.

Take Photos

The best thing you can do on the day you are moving in is to take photos of any damage at all. Marks on the walls, loose fittings, frayed carpets or stains. Keep these photos saved for the duration of your tenancy so that you will not be billed for them when you decide to move on.

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