How on earth is it possible to get a credit score as low as that?

How on earth is it possible to get a credit score as low as that?

Dear Samii

We ran a credit check the other day, I wanted to please verify the result with yourself as I have never seen a score so low as 7??

Can I check what the scale ranges from, I thought it was 1-600??

I’m not even sure how on earth it would be possible to get a score as low as that??

Samii says

Thanks for your email.
I’m afraid this is correct as per Equifax’s Tenant Verification Report. Especially as the report has linked to the individuals previous address it provides further evidence that it is an accurate match. This person also has a CCJ for a small sum and it has no satisfied date, meaning it has never been paid. We would be concerned if a CCJ appeared at all but with the addition that it hasn’t been settled would raise further concern.
The score is from 1 up to 700. The average UK score is around 380 according to their records.
Believe it or not we have seen a score of 3 before!
If the applicant wants to appeal their credit score then they can do so by contacting Equifax directly or they can check their personal score for free at to see if any adverse records exist that they weren’t aware of.
I hope this provides some clarification. We would obviously recommend not continuing without a stable guarantor.

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