How much is a bad tenant worth to you ?

How much is a bad tenant worth to you ?

With the ever increasing immigration burden on public services and the Government pressing to make sure landlords do not harbour illegal immigrants the only way landlords can do this is to request a national insurance number; as it is the best way of making sure that the applicant tenant has the right to reside in this country. However it has come to LRS’ attention that there are still many landlords out there who still don’t seem to understand the importance of making this a mandatory requirement before tenure.

It is important to understand that Landlord Referencing Services is not a blacklist or a tracing agent, and now that we have the ability to carry out “real-time” searches via our new Lifestyle Credits system we need ensure that our members are recalling the correct data. Therefore a national insurance number allows us to do this as it is specific to only one individual.

If you do not take a national insurance number or date of birth how do you determine that the applicant sitting in front of you is indeed who they say they are?

At LRS we have made it as simple as possible for landlords and agents to be able to check whether their applicant tenant has had any “lifestyle” problems throughout their previous tenancies.

Furthermore, a minority of LRS members have asked us why they should pay 5 credits for a Lifestyle Reference that returns as a “NO MATCH”.

Ask yourself this question: how much is a bad tenant worth to you?

A NO MATCH at Landlord Referencing is just as important as a MATCH. This is because, with approximately 80% of the LRS database being defaulting and/or problematic tenants, it is a real result if you receive a NO MATCH because this tells you that they have no adverse “lifestyle” data on file at LRS.

If you received a Credit Reference back from with no adverse data held on that tenant you wouldn’t expect to get that report for free, would you?

The 5 credits that it costs for each Lifestyle Search can be fully reimbursed via uploading tenants (2 credits for each tenant uploaded) – so if you support the LRS community you need never have to pay for a lifestyle reference search.

Landlord Referencing Services’ primary function is to provide a networking portal that protects landlords and agents from taking on one another’s bad tenants, and in turn this ensures that their existing tenants have decent neighbours.

Therefore our main goal is not to be a faceless corporate referencing company, but more a community that protect one another from rogue tenants and disruptive neighbours.

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