Homeless charity to trade tenants personal data [UPDATE]

Homeless charity to trade tenants personal data [UPDATE]

By year end Experian plan to include 600,000 rental records, via social housing providers who’s tenants have paid late, that lenders will have access to from next year.

Landlord Referencing Services has been including late rent payments, as well as any property damages incurred throughout each tenancy, via our unique Lifestyle Referencing Reports for nearly 4 years now.

LRS does not think this is at all helpful (or morally acceptable for that matter) to carry out a data collection exercise that is hidden behind the premise of helping social housing tenants avoid debt ( what with the impending welfare reform via Universal Credit ) – when in the cold light of day we believe it to be an exercise in gathering data to enable the likes of PC World and Wonga to lend tenants on benefits more money.

  • LRS also wonders how Experian will transfer third party data and prove that it is accurate, before it is added onto a credit file…?

At LRS this is why we have manual data controllers; to make sure that those accessing the website are genuine landlords and/or letting agents and that the data being added to the system is truthful, honest, fair and up-to-date. We also fully understand the importance of direct personal contact.

Databases containing tenants rent defaults are obviously advantageous to landlords – but what database can store whether your applicant tenant is a drug dealer or illegal immigrant? None, and for the simple reason that this does not comply with The Data Protection Act 1998. The LRS database is the only one of its kind that can tell you these types of things without breaking data protection rules – simply because we put landlords and letting agents in touch with one another to find out what their applicant tenant is really like.

Social Housing tenants:

  • How do you feel about your personal data being sold on to giant conglomerates?
  • Will this help you build your credit history?
  • Will this help you to access more affordable housing in the future?
  • Will this give you more unwanted phone calls/emails/texts/etc from companies trying to sell you their products?

Whatever your views are on the matter please share them with the LRS community.

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