Free online maintenance and repair tracking tool for private landlords

Free online maintenance and repair tracking tool for private landlords

The National Landlords Code of Excellence Ltd have launched a free Property Maintenance and Repair Report facility for private renting tenants, to help tackle the age-old problem of maintenance/repair issues between UK landlords and their tenants.

Landlords are really on the front line and under fire from all angles in the current climate. With more and more legislation to protect tenants, stealth taxes to boost government coffers and local licensing schemes against all landlords (to pay for the shortfalls in council funding to tackle rogue landlords) landlords are feeling the pinch all around; where most are needing to increase their rents to cover these additional costs.

Furthermore, for new tenancies which start in (or after) October 2015, The Deregulation Act 2015 insists that:

  • Agents and tenants put repair requests and resulting actions in writing.
  • Requests in other languages – The Act focuses on written repair requests but does not require them to be in English.

From a landlord’s perspective, failure to deal with repairs properly could mean they’re unable to re-let their rental property for 6 months from the date on which a local authority serves an improvement notice (Category 1 of 2 Hazard) or an emergency remedial action notice. And from a letting agent’s perspective, the liability and reputational consequences of missing important repairs can be far more serious.

So it is crucial that landlords and agents explain this process to all their tenants in detail, as well as having a user-friendly system in place.

With all this in mind, the NLCE 5 star rented property maintenance and repair reporting tool was born.

It has been built specifically for landlords and letting agents who want:

☆ Transparency, best practice and compliance.
☆☆ No more issues falling through the cracks.
☆☆☆ Faster fixes.
☆☆☆☆ Clearer communication.
☆☆☆☆☆ Rent arrears & property damage prevention.

  • Landlords and Agents who use the system have the option to send the form straight on to their maintenance provider, as having a robust repairs process in place is critical for UK letting agencies and PRS landlords.
  • Plus, as more and more tenants use the system the form will provide immediate guidance for tenants on their responsibilities by explaining how they can fix simple issues themselves; before formally notifying their landlord in the first place.

See how easy it is for private tenants to report a repair by clicking here.

Who are the NLCE Ltd?

Built for modern property management, the NLCE works with councils and tenants around the UK to make sure that the statutory requirements of a landlord, to repair and maintain a property to the housing standards required criteria, are met in full.

So how does the maintenance and repair tracking tool work?

This (free) Property Maintenance and Repair Tracking Tool allows tenants to accurately notify their landlord of any problems they are having with their rental property. Once the report has been sent, their landlord cannot say they have never received a complaint from their tenant about a specific maintenance/repair issue.

With this new facility, the landlord supplies their tenant(s) with a plastic ‘Bank card’ style NLCE Tenancy Emergency Card, which can be acquired from the NLCE  (See the Tenancy Card Here)which contains the landlords name and contact details. The tenant can then, at any point (or times specified), use the details on the card to report problems to their landlord. This also helps landlords to comply with their statutory need to provide their tenant(s) with contact details in the event of an emergency.

If the landlord fails to do the works within a reasonable time scale then the tenant can automatically escalate the problem to the NLCE to make a formal complaint. The escalated complaint will then be passed simultaneously to the relevant Regional Accreditation and Local Council.

Once the complaint is escalated, the complaint procedure will formally start and if the accreditation cannot get the landlord to do the works the local authority will then step in to issue a notice of improvement to get them to do these works within a specific time scale.

The primary objective of this system is that there is a paper trail backing up both the tenant and the landlord in any disputes over maintenance.

What else can the NLCE do for landlords and letting agents?

Ongoing Education & Training: The NLCE is committed to education and professionalism for all. Which is why all NLCE members are required to attend a one-day development seminar in addition to agreeing to continue to learn by taking part in seminars, meetings and other events approved by NLCE as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Those who are already accredited on a residential course can passport straight into the scheme*. Contact the NLCE for full details.
Full information on this is available via the NLCE Membership Code. (link)

Anti social behaviour: Our accredited members are provided with a free data sharing platform to prevent them from taking other NLCE accredited members’ problem tenants. Today the databases for these exclusive ‘Tenant Histories’ (both good and bad) cover circa 500,000 records right across the UK.
The NLCE is the only company that actively enables its Accredited Members to deal with anti-social behaviour on a pro-active level in this way.

Migration and the Right to Rent: Our accredited members are provided with a free Government approved format to enable them to check that their applicant tenant has the ‘Right to Rent’ in the UK, to help them avoid hefty fines and prosecution.

Document Management & Statutory Certification: Our accredited members are provided with a free management platform where they can store and get reminders of important document renewals, to help them stay compliant.

The NLCE are able to offer these free additions through partnership with the TR Group.

Better neighbourhoods lead to better tenancies, better investments and a stronger and functional community, therefore we believe that better understanding of these issues will lead to a better relationship between landlords and their tenants from the beginning.

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For further information please telephone: 0800 9994 994 (Option 6) or email:

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