Foreign non EU person applies for a tenancy …

Foreign non EU person applies for a tenancy …

Dear Samii

If a foreign non EU person applies for a tenancy.
They have a UK Passport and have been been working for four years with the same company, living with family, credit checks are OK and papers all in order.
The NLA contract states only allow one person to live in the flat because there is only one tenant …
They suddenly explain that the contract has allow two people to live there because their husband is coming over to apply for access to live in the UK.
The tenant has to prove that she can supply proper living accommodation before husband can get his ‘Leave to Remain Card’ etc.
What is the correct procedure in this circumstance?

Samii says

If this is the case then they will (normally) have a letter from the Home Office as evidence. So if they can provide you with proof of this, you can then provide them with proof of supplying their accommodation.

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