Bank Statements / Financial Check Sample Report

Bank Statements / Financial Check Sample Report

Dear Samii

My applicant tenant is concerned about fraud and reluctant to share their bank statements with your data processors. Is there any way around this part of the referencing procedure?

Samii says

At Tenant Referencing UK we use a secured connection and this is why we ask for these to be uploaded instead of being sent via email. Sensitive documents are only stored on the system for the purpose of referencing and for the landlords reference.

To complete the referencing procedure our data processors need to check whether your applicant tenants bank balance is healthy, that they’ve been paying their rent and that their wages are indeed what they’ve declared to show you that they can afford the rent on the property that they are applying for. It is a standard procedure that all tenants who are applying for tenure must go through and if they don’t then they will fail the referencing requirements due to insufficient affordability criteria.

Dear Samii

Can I use just for financial checks? And if so, can you provide a sample report please?

Samii says

Yes, please find a sample report below.

financial report sample


Partnered with Equifax Tenant Referencing UK is able to provide either a Basic or Detailed credit report, where a


  • Risk Score
  • Alias data
  • Associate data
  • Supplied address data
  • Supplied address Electoral Roll data
  • Supplied address Court Judgements data


  • Risk Score
  • Supplied address data
  • Alias data – up to 9 linked addresses
  • Associate data – up to 9 linked addresses
  • Electoral Roll data – up to 9 linked addresses
  • Financial Account data – up to 9 linked addresses
  • Court Judgements data – up to 9 linked addresses

Your credit checks will be stored in your Personal Report Archive where you can refer to them in future and will also provide notification as to if your applicant is eligible for rent guarantee insurance through our Partners RentSafeUK.

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