Family camps out in living room for 7 months because of uninvited guest…
Families uninvited guest snake

Family camps out in living room for 7 months because of uninvited guest…

A Devon based family of seven has spent nearly seven months living and sleeping in their front room because of a yellow and green Kingsnake the previous owner left behind is living under their upstairs floorboards.

The Hebden family have all been sleeping together on camp every night since June last year in a bid to avoid the elusive one-metre-long reptile.

The serpent was last seen slithering into a hole in the floor upstairs after biting the family’s dog, Bear leaving him with serious injuries, including a blood loss, a swollen leg, bite marks and potential muscle damage and a vets bill totalling £500.

Mrs Hebden, 46, believes the snake is hibernating beneath the upstairs floorboards.

The mother of four said: “I’m worried once it wakes up from hibernation, it’s going to come out searching for food. It’s been a nightmare. I’m so nervous it might strike at any minute. It hasn’t been seen since it was spotted upstairs, though we know it’s still there. It was green and yellow, with a white tip, and over a metre long. We only realised it was here when my dog was bitten. He came downstairs from my bedroom and I noticed his leg was swollen.”

Plymouth Community Homes and RSPCA exotic animal specialists predict the reptile may be a foul-tempered but non-venomous Kingsnake and have looked for the snake however all attempts to find the creature so far has failed.

Kingsnakes use constriction to kill their prey and are known for eating other serpents well as lizards, rodents, birds and eggs.

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