Enter The Vortex Of Network Referencing

Enter The Vortex Of Network Referencing


What is a vortex?


The definition of a vortex is a spinning, often turbulent, flow of particles.
These begin on the outside as individual particles. Then as more particles join, the flow gets stronger and stronger, eventually creating a central core in which the main strength lies – aka The Vortex.


We can assign this same principle to Network Lifestyle Referencing.

Where the individual particles on the outside are the individual landlords & letting agents, out on their own – being scammed by the cheats & con artists who destroy their properties, steal their rents & also make their good tenants lives a living hell.
And the central core is the strength of all the information being shared between landlords and agents, that is updated on a day-to-day basis via our national, manually controlled database.

Therefore the more landlords that join LandlordReferencing.co.uk’s eternally free service to stop perpetual rogues, cheats and thieves the stronger the vortex of information will become.

Our latest statistics for the month of June 2011, from the total cost of Tenant Alerts we received, amounted to £152,072.39 in rent arrears and £65,360 in property damage.
One of these landlords suffered losses of £19,250 – so if you think about it, if they hadn’t uploaded their tenant and you haven’t become a member of LandlordReferencing then YOU could be their next landlord!

RENT DEFAULTS = £78,430.23
DAMAGES = £33,695.00]

The three main reasons to enter the LandlordReferencing vortex are;

  • ALL of our services (including membership) are FREE to all landlords & letting agents across the UK. THERE ARE NO CATCHES.

We endeavour to keep them free forever, as fellow landlords ourselves, we know that the lettings game isn’t exactly a walk in the park and therefore want to make the landlords job as straightforward and carefree as possible.

All we ask in return is that you spread the word to your fellow landlords/agents, eventually ensuring that no-one has to worry about letting to a notoriously problematic tenant ever again.

  • As a member of LandlordReferencing, you will be assigned your own personal data controller who manages your tenants and keeps you in touch with other landlords in regards to tenants movements on a daily basis.

We are the ONLY FREE Landlord2Landlord Network Referencing Service that offers this manual data-input system in the UK today – giving you a unique, personal & friendly touch to Landlord2Landlord Referencing.

Be aware of imitations of other network referencing companies, as these are automated services, and therefore if a rogue landlord inputs false information into these imitation systems then there is going to be false information being given to you, voiding the whole concept entirely.
What is important to understand and remember about LandlordReferencing is that every pound we make, via Experian Credit Referencing and our Landlord Insurance Products via Rentguard, goes back into the company to keep all of our other member services free forever.

Lifestyle Referencing with landlords and letting agents is about monitoring the information very closely and offering the personal touch, via the social community, to our members within communities, yet still being ICO compliant.

Landlords use automated systems to get rid of rogue tenants, without recourse to them.
At landlord referencing you get the chance to communicate with the last landlord and be the judge yourself.
Thus making LandlordReferencing the safest tenant referencing system in the UK today.

  • Our company is UNIQUE as we don’t rely upon the information that a prospective tenant gives you, but on the information that they haven’t given you.

We DO NOT store data on a scoring system, there is no information such as county court judgements or credit scoring.
(Although we are white-labeled with Experian and intergrated with their systems, so we can offer quick and comprehensive tenant referencing to our member landlords.)

LandlordReferencing simply gives you a tenants last landlord. ICO – The Basics

In today’s world of financial cutbacks surely you would agree that any free service has to be a positive thing.

Landlord referencing is not just a referencing company, it is a total support package for landlords and letting agents and entirely free.
It’ll take you no longer than 3 minutes to register, so please do take a look.

We’re sure you will find it a useful addition to your usual method of tenant referencing.

If you are new to letting property our Lettings Protocol will give you essential tips and safeguards.

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