Don’t name your tenants online – Join LRS instead

Don’t name your tenants online – Join LRS instead

The Information Commissioners Office states that landlords cannot publicly display their tenants rent arrears, so what can a landlord do to warn others about their tenants previous rental history without breaking the law?

A landlord recently joined LRS and posted his own “Tenant Reviews” (from his own website) within our community forum.  These did not contain any sensitive details, just names, but within a couple of hours he was bombarded with emails and decided to delete his posts and put his website into maintenance mode.

One email from him to LRS stated:

“I just can’t be bothered with fighting what is obviously a crusade by myself – I struggle for time to do the stuff I want to do as it is, without being a keyboard warrior over these tenants. I’ll just use the LRS instead which will have broadly the same effect with much less investment of time.”

After deleting the posts we received another email from him, stating:

“8.17pm on a Sunday evening – what excellent service! Thank you.

I will now delete all the emails I got as a result of the reviews and move on. LRS is where it’s at!”

This is an excellent example as to why all landlords and letting agents need never risk breaching Data Protection guidelines again, as all they need to do is join Landlord Referencing Services.

There are no issues regarding data protection;

  1. LRS is registered with the ICO to store and handle personal details of third parties.
  2. LRS does not pass on any tenants details, it simply passes on the details of a tenants last landlord (if they are registered on the LRS database) – making our system the safest way to reference previous, existing and applicant tenants in the UK (to date).

As landlords ourselves we completely understand the frustrations of a landlord who has a tenant in rental arrears and/or who has had a tenant who has damaged their property.

Therefore LRS holds the key to protecting the identities of both landlords and tenants.

So we invite you to join the UK’s largest community of landlords and letting agents and pro-actively protect yourself from bad tenants, which in turn protects your existing tenants from disruptive and anti-social neighbours.

What are “Tenant Alerts” and how do they comply with the ICO? – Click to read on.

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