Damage Caused By UK Riots Will Cost Over £200million. . .

Damage Caused By UK Riots Will Cost Over £200million. . .

The damage & destruction caused by the riots in London and other British cities this week will cost more than £200million, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) have revealed today, doubling their previous claims estimate.

“The UK insurance industry is committed to working in partnership with the government and the police to play its part in helping businesses and communities recover from the damage,” the ABI said in a statement.

The increased loss estimate came as Prime Minister David Cameron said an 1886 law that allows insurers to pass on some of the financial burden of riot-related claims to the police will apply.

Homeowners, businesses and other organisations affected by the recent rioting can find information to help them make a claim and what to do next here <<<

How do you think this will affect BTL finance and Insurance rates in the riot areas?

Are you a landlord planning on letting out your property for the 2012 Olympics?

If so, what impact do you think it will have on the UK tourism & the total income projected from it?

Have you been affected by the riots?

Have your tenants been affected by the riots?

Have your tenants been involved in the riots?

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