Crackdown on bailiffs using aggressive tactics

Crackdown on bailiffs using aggressive tactics

bailiffChanges to the way bailiffs can enforce debt repayments came into force last night in England and Wales.

With bailiffs estimated to collect around 4 million debts per year in the UK, by law they are now prevented from:

  • Entering homes when only children are present,
  • Taking household essentials (washing machines, etc),
  • Adding excessive charges to the amount debtors pay (by introducing fixed fees).

The changes are part of a wider package of reforms to the Tribunals, Courts & Enforcement Act 2007.

The new rules also:

  • Ban landlords from using bailiffs to seize property for residential rent debts without going to court first,
  • Introduce mandatory training and certification for Bailiffs,
  • Ensure vulnerable people get assistance and that Bailiffs are trained to recognise them,
  • Introduce clearer rules detailing when a Bailiff can enter a property and what goods they can take,
  • Bring in restrictions on when Bailiffs can sell goods,
  • Require Bailiffs to tell the court the likely means of entry, goods involved and amount of force required before a warrant is granted to force entry, as well as provide details of how the premises will be left in a secure state afterwards,
  • Force Bailiffs to give seven days’ notice before taking possessions, unless they have specific permission from a court.

Landlords/Agents; How will banning landlords from using bailiffs to seize property for residential rent debts affect you?

Bailiffs; what are your views on these reforms?

Tenants; have you ever experienced a Bailiff? What happened?

Please share your opinions/experiences on this matter by CLICKING HERE.

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