Could you save more than £500 on gas and electricity in a year?

Could you save more than £500 on gas and electricity in a year?

The latest research by consumer group Which? reveals that people in Yorkshire and North West England are more likely to have switched energy supplier than in any other region in Great Britain.

Just 9% of people surveyed in both regions told Which they have never taken the plunge and changed gas and electricity company. But in the region least likely to have switched supplier, North Scotland, 30% have stuck with the same energy firm and never switched.

According to Which, if you live in North Scotland you potentially have the most money to save. This is because this region had the biggest cost difference, of £599 per year, between the priciest and cheapest energy deals on offer.

Switch and save money on energy

Overall, 86% of Which? members have switched energy supplier. However, if that was a number of years ago and you’ve taken no action since, you’re likely to be on your energy company’s standard tariff.

This out-of-contract tariff is the default if you haven’t proactively picked a tariff. It’s often also an energy company’s priciest tariff. It has no exit fees to leave, though, so you’re free to move to a new deal at any time.

Last week, Eon announced that it will discontinue its standard variable tariff for customers who have a smart meter from early next year. Instead, customers with a smart meter will be put onto a one-year fixed tariff with no exit fee. They’ll automatically ‘roll over’ onto the latest fixed deal when that ends.

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